National Cocoa Day

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Hello, chocolate lovers! Prepare your mugs and marshmallows because we're about to dive into the story behind one of the coziest holidays of the year - National Cocoa Day. It's time for a warm, chocolatey stroll down memory lane, one that is sweeter than a sugar plum fairy's dreams.

When is Cocoa Day?

It's national cocoa day on the 13th December.

History of National Cocoa Day

Despite extensive research, we still haven't found the Swiss Miss responsible for creating National Cocoa Day. Whoever it was, bless their chocolate-craving heart. It's become a day of delight for cocoa enthusiasts around the globe, with our data showing a steamy peak of 4,075 online mentions back on December 13, 2016. National Cocoa Day is observed every year on the 13th of December, perfectly timed for those frost-bitten winter days where nothing seems warmer than a marshmallow-topped mug of hot cocoa.

Why We Love Cocoa

Why not! It's every child's favorite sweet and every adult's guilty pleasure. Not to mention, cocoa has been enjoyed in various forms for thousands of years. Ancient Mayans weren't just good at predicting world endings, they were also the first to enjoy chocolate as a spicy drink.

Celebrate with Cocoa

So, how does one honor such a day? Simple! Wrap your hands around a hot mug of cocoa with loved ones, play marshmallow-toss games for little added sporty fun and maybe even throw a cocoa-themed party complete with chocolate fountains and cocoa-dusted truffles. If you’re feeling especially indulgent, dip in some strawberries or create a cocoa-based cocktail. Just remember, the key ingredient is love (and a lot of chocolate).

Did you know?

Did you know that cocoa beans were once so valuable, they were used as a form of currency in Mesoamerica?


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