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Mark your calendars, grab your foam fingers, it's time for National College Signing Day! It's like the Super Bowl of academics, a pro-draft for geniuses or a Coachella for study-maniacs. Get your popcorn and studying glasses ready, because it's an event you won't want to miss.

When is College Signing Day?

It's national college signing day on the 26th April.

What is National College Signing Day?

Much like the star quarterback huddled under the Friday night lights, high school seniors all over the country step into their moment of glory on National College Signing Day. It's not about the three-pointers or the touchdown passes though, this day is all about horsepower of the mental variety. Yes, on this day, thousands of prospective college students make their decision about which university or college they will attend public. Epic!

The Buzz about the Day

Remember that time the internet broke on April 26, 2016? Ok, maybe it didn't 'break', but it definitely wobbled a bit! We saw a whopping 3287 mentions of National College Signing Day online that day, which is practically Beyoncé-levels of fame.

A Day of Glitz, Glam, and... Applications?

This is not just any ordinary day friends, no sir. There's excitement, there's anticipation, and there's a whole lot of refreshing email inboxes! Students, parents, and educators alike are all agog, waiting to see where the next generation of movers and shakers will choose to pave their future.

Why it Matters

Let's be real, college can sometimes feel like a Warp Pipe straight into adulthood. It's the place where dreams begin to take shape, where life-long friends are made, and maybe, just maybe, where a few cups of emergency ramen are consumed. So, decisions made on National College Signing Day aren't just about which college's banner to hang on the dorm room wall, they are a ticket to the rollercoaster ride that is adulting. Strap in, kiddos!

History behind the term 'College Signing'


The Birth of the NCAA Letter of Intent

In 1952, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) introduced the concept of the Letter of Intent. This document served as a binding agreement between a student-athlete and a college or university. It indicated the student's commitment to attend the institution and participate in its athletic program.


Expanding the NCAA Letter of Intent

In 1981, the NCAA expanded the Letter of Intent to include not just athletic scholarships but also other forms of financial aid offered by colleges. This change allowed student-athletes to commit to an institution based on academic as well as athletic support.


Formalizing the Signing Process

By the early 1990s, the practice of student-athletes publicly announcing their commitment to a college or university had become prevalent. In 1993, ESPN aired the first-ever live television broadcast of high school athletes announcing their college choices. This event marked the formalization of the college signing process as a highly anticipated public event.


Creation of National Signing Day

National Signing Day, the first Wednesday in February, became the official day for high school student-athletes to sign their National Letters of Intent. This tradition began in 2008 and quickly gained widespread attention and media coverage, turning it into a significant event in the world of college athletics.


Evolution of College Signing

In the present day, college signing has become an integral part of the sports landscape. Not only do top athletes generate excitement and media coverage with their choices, but the college signing process also allows talented students to pursue their academic and athletic dreams. It has become a stepping stone for many young athletes to start their collegiate careers and continue their pursuit of excellence.

Did you know?

Despite its hype, National College Signing Day is not recognized by government as an official national day. Fancy that?


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