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Are you ready to fire up the grill and get cooking? Good, because we're about to dig into the history of National Cookout Day. A day that celebrates the simple pleasure of grilling outdoors, it has its own little sizzle in the realms of internet history that's just as juicy as the steaks you might be flipping.

When is Cookout Day?

It's national cookout day on the 5th July.

A Brief History of National Cookout Day

National Cookout Day, a time for barbecuing and picnicking under the summer sun, has a delicious trending history. The day garners attention across the internet, with 6008 mentions detected on the portal. It peaked in popularity on the 5th of July 2017, a day after America's independence, when every backyard seemed to have its grill smoking all in the name of liberty and juicy burgers.

National Cookout Day Origin

The exact origin of National Cookout Day is as elusive as the perfect barbecue sauce recipe, but it's likely tied to summer celebrations and communal gatherings. Barbecuing has long been a beloved method of outdoor cooking across cultures, making this a truly global celebration. While not tethered to a definite historical event, the day has made impressive strides in the digital universe, carving out its space in everyone’s summer annuals.

Sparking The Flame Online

From backyard patios to the world of social media, National Cookout Day has found a wider platform for celebrating the tradition of outdoor cooking. It creates a shared experience over time and brings people together virtually, capturing the essence of a community cookout. So, don't forget to post a mouth-watering snapshot of your grilled masterpiece this National Cookout Day!

History behind the term 'Cookout'


The Birth of the Cookout

The term 'cookout' originated in the United States during the late 19th century. It was during this time that Americans began to embrace outdoor cooking as a way to socialize and enjoy the good weather. Cookouts were initially small gatherings where friends and family would come together to grill food over an open fire. The meals were simple, usually consisting of burgers, hot dogs, and grilled vegetables.


The Rise of the Backyard Barbecue

In the 1930s, the term 'cookout' began to be used interchangeably with 'barbecue.' As home ownership increased and backyards became more common, the backyard barbecue gained popularity. Cookouts became larger and more elaborate, with people investing in specialized grills and outdoor cooking equipment. The menus expanded to include a variety of meats, marinades, and side dishes.


The Golden Age of Cookouts

The 1950s marked the golden age of cookouts in America. The post-war economic boom led to suburban expansion and a renewed interest in outdoor living. Cookouts became a staple of American culture, representing the idealized suburban lifestyle. The advent of television also played a role in popularizing cookouts, with advertisements and shows showcasing the perfect backyard gathering.


The Cookout Goes Mainstream

In the 1970s, cookouts became an integral part of mainstream American culture. The popularity of outdoor cooking expanded beyond the suburbs and into urban areas, parks, and public spaces. Various organizations, such as churches and community centers, started organizing cookouts as a way to bring people together. Cookouts began to reflect the diverse cuisines of the American melting pot, incorporating flavors and recipes from different cultures.


The Modern Cookout Culture

Today, the term 'cookout' has evolved to encompass a wide range of outdoor cooking events. From casual backyard gatherings to elaborate barbecue competitions, cookouts have become a way for people to showcase their culinary skills and enjoy the company of others. The popularity of cooking shows, food blogs, and social media has further fueled the modern cookout culture, inspiring innovative recipes and presentation techniques.

Did you know?

Ever wondered about the largest cookout ever held? The Guinness World Records credits Uruguay with the largest barbecue on record, cooking enough beef to feed 20,000, held in December 2008. Now that's a National Cookout Day on a grand scale!


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