National Cousins Day

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Welcome to everything there is to know about National Cousins Day. Remember being forced to sit awkwardly next to them during family portraits? Or perhaps they were your very first partner in crime during holiday dinners? Well, it's time to give your childhood allies their due recognition!

When is Cousins Day?

It's national cousins day on the 25th July.

The History behind the Day

National Cousins Day, observed by thousands across cyberspace, particularly spiked in popularity on July 25, 2017. While the origins of this day remain as mysterious as your cousin’s secret potato salad recipe, it's consistently celebrated on July 24th each year.

Why Celebrate

Whether they were your first friends or first foes, cousins hold a special place in our hearts. Their importance often gets shadowed by siblings or parents, but on National Cousins Day, they claim their rightful spotlight. If love was a tangible gift, this day would be Christmas for cousins!

How to Celebrate Online

The internet has given this day a platform only comparable to the tallest family reunion picnic table. Check out some cool ways to tell them you care: send them an online card filled with sweet notes and maybe embarrassing photos you've kept safe on your cloud; Challenge them to a game online; Reminisce about your funniest shared moments, or even start a group name for yourselves on social media. Give them not just a tag, but the hashtag they always deserved!

Did you know?

Did you know the longest length of cousins in a family tree is 121 generations, traced back by the Guinness World Records? Makes you feel bad for not remembering cousin Jim’s birthday, right?


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