National Crayon Day

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Hello there, color enthusiasts! It’s time to wheel out the red carpet, indigo aisle, and every shade in between, because we're talking National Crayon Day. A day that fills us with nostalgic shades of childhood fun, creativity and those non-edible but strangely appetizing looking wax sticks. Although for legal reasons, we must stress: Do NOT eat your crayons.

When is Crayon Day?

It's national crayon day on the 31st March.

A Colorful Journey

The first notable moment in our poppy red timeline was when we recorded a crayon-tastic total of 5853 mentions of National Crayon Day across the web. But hold onto your waxed hat, because it gets even more colorful. The highlight of our chromatic adventure occurred on March 31, 2017, a day when crayons truly felt the social media love.

Every Day is a New Shade

Every day in our lives is influenced by color - from the cool blues of a clear sky to the fiery reds of a sunset. Just like colors, every day has its own hue in the form of national days. If you thought that these days sprang up randomly like a badly aimed flick of a paintbrush, you're mistaken. The creation of such a day involves particular celebrations, events, or even just the whimsical nature of the internet. And National Crayon Day, my friends, fits into all these categories.

Color Outside the Lines

What’s your favorite color? Chances are, as a kid, you probably had a favorite crayon, the one that was always worn down to a waxy stub while the others remained pristine. Remember the feeling of coloring outside the lines for the first time? That first rebellion in a coloring book? For many of us, that's where our creativity began, and National Crayon Day serves to remind us of those whimsical moments, reviving the child-like joy in adults and introducing the new generation to the rainbow of possibilities.

Go, Paint the World!

So, take this day as an opportunity to embrace your inner artist. Even if you can’t draw a stick man perfectly, in the end, it’s the thought and the joy of creating that truly matters. And hey, who knows, maybe those crayons will inspire the next masterpiece – the Sistine Wall of home office!

Did you know?

Did you know? Crayola, the most famous crayon brand, claims to produce 3 billion crayons a year, that’s a whole lot of color!


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