National Cream Pie Day

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Get your aprons ready and rolling pins out, folks - this is not a drill. National Cream Pie Day might just be the tastiest opportunity for rolling in dough and dolloping out delight to come out of the oven in quite some time! Sure, the internet has given us many odd national days, but this sweet treat is one we're all too happy to sink our teeth into.

When is Cream Pie Day?

It's national cream pie day on the 24th October.

A Slice of Cream Pie History

Let's whisk you back in time briefly, to where cream pies began. The creamy concoction made its first appearance in the United States in the 19th century, and it’s been a star in the bakery display case ever since. Not too shabby for a recipe that’s basically sugar, milk, and a touch of magic (okay, fine, it's science, but magic sounds more fun, doesn't it?).

Internet Sweet Talk

On October 24, 2019, the cream pie gained fame like never before, with a whopping 19 online mentions - more than any other day. It seems the only thing people were baking that day were these creamy delights. Did someone say, 'Cream Pie Day, everyday'? Perhaps we should add that to our internet wish list.

Mix It Up!

From the classic banana cream pie to the delightful chocolate silk version or the tangy key lime, there are as many variations of cream pies as there are bakers. Each recipe offers a unique flavor profile and ensures there's a cream pie for everyday of the week. Now, we just need to make room in our fridge...

History behind the term 'Cream Pie'

16th century

The Origins of Pie

Pie has been a popular dish since ancient times, but it was during the 16th century that it became more commonly associated with the term 'cream pie.' In the past, pie crusts were often made with ingredients like fat, flour, and water. However, as culinary techniques advanced, bakers started experimenting with richer fillings. The addition of cream as a key ingredient gave birth to the concept of a 'cream pie,' where the filling was no longer just fruit or meat but included a creamy, luscious element.

Late 19th century

Invention of Whipped Cream

Whipped cream, a light and fluffy topping made by beating cream, gained popularity in the late 19th century. This innovative technique revolutionized the world of desserts and introduced a new level of indulgence to cream pies. The airy texture and delicate sweetness of whipped cream complemented the richness of the pie fillings, creating a delightful contrast that became a hallmark of cream pies.

Early 20th century

Industrialization and Mass Production

With the industrial revolution and the advent of mass production techniques, cream pies became more accessible to the general public. Bakeries and dessert manufacturers started producing cream pies on a larger scale, allowing people from various walks of life to enjoy this delightful treat. The ease of manufacturing and the growing availability of refrigeration contributed to the popularity of cream pies as a convenient and satisfying dessert option.

20th century

Popularity in American Culture

During the 20th century, cream pies cemented their place in American cuisine and culture. They became an iconic symbol of indulgence and celebration, often featured in movies, TV shows, and comedic acts. The classic comedic routine of throwing a cream pie in someone's face became synonymous with comedy and remains a popular trope to this day. Cream pies also became a staple in diners and bakeries across the United States, offering a nostalgic and comforting taste of homemade goodness.

Present Day

Variety and Creative Flavors

In the present day, cream pies have evolved to include a wide range of flavors and variations. From the traditional favorites like banana cream pie and coconut cream pie to unique creations like chocolate silk pie and peanut butter cream pie, there is a cream pie to suit every palate. Bakers and pastry chefs continue to innovate by experimenting with different ingredients, textures, and presentation styles, making cream pies a beloved and versatile dessert for all occasions.

Did you know?

Did you know that the world record for the largest cream pie ever made is held by a half-ton key lime pie baked in Florida? It measured a whopping 12 feet in diameter - now that's a pie of epic proportions!


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