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Creepypasta, that uncanny corner of the internet, where tales of the bizarre and the eerie take a seat with fervor. Are you aware that there's a day dedicated to it? You blinked, didn't you? Well, pucker up, spooky enthusiasts, because it's time we deep dive into the chills and thrills of National Creepypasta Day! Grab your nightlight, this is about to get creepy!

When is Creepypasta Creepypasta Day?

It's national creepypasta creepypasta day on the 13th October.

About National Creepypasta Day

This enigmatic occasion is a celebration of all that is eerie and unsettling on the internet. Creepypastas, for the uninitiated, originate from the term 'copypasta', a phrase coined to describe content that's copied and pasted across websites. These stories have their fingers dipped in horror, making your friendly keyboard a gateway to the world of shivers down the spine! As odd as it may sound, these spooky tales have become a deeply ingrained part of internet folklore, giving rise to National Creepypasta Day on October 13th.

Those Mention-Worthy Moments!

Our virtual time machine shows a noticeable spike on October 13, 2017, when the internet was abuzz with conversations around National Creepypasta Day. So, remember that date and mark it as your annual rendezvous with the goosebumps.

How to Celebrate?

Spend the day (or the night, if you dare) reading your favourite creepypastas, or perhaps, try crafting your own chilling tale. You could even host a creepy story contest with friends for added thrill!

History behind the term 'Creepypasta Creepypasta'


Birth of Creepypasta

Creepypasta, a term coined in 2007, refers to online horror stories or urban legends that are shared through websites or forums. The term itself combines 'creepy' and 'copypasta', which was derived from the phrase 'copy and paste'. These stories gained popularity due to their often unsettling and eerie nature, captivating readers with their suspenseful narratives.


Spread across the Internet

In 2008, the popularity of creepypasta skyrocketed as it quickly spread across various internet communities, such as forums like 4chan and websites like This led to the creation of dedicated online communities centered around the sharing and discussion of these thrilling tales.


Slender Man Emerges

During 2010, a particular creepypasta character known as Slender Man gained significant attention. Slender Man is depicted as a tall, faceless figure wearing a black suit. This character spawned numerous stories, images, and even video games, becoming an iconic symbol of the creepypasta genre.


Mainstream Recognition

By 2012, creepypasta had started to gain mainstream recognition. Some of the most famous stories, such as 'Jeff the Killer' and 'The Russian Sleep Experiment,' became viral sensations and were widely shared on social media platforms. This recognition further solidified creepypasta's place in popular culture.


Creepypasta Adaptations

In 2014, the influence of creepypasta transcended the online world. Creepypasta stories were adapted into films, TV shows, and even video games. Notable examples include the film 'Slender Man' and the television series 'Channel Zero'. The adaptability of these stories showcased their enduring popularity among audiences.


Continuous Evolution

Today, creepypasta continues to flourish, with countless new stories being created and shared every day. The genre has expanded beyond text-based tales, incorporating audio recordings, images, and interactive experiences. Creepypasta has carved out a unique space in the realm of internet folklore, captivating audiences with its spine-chilling narratives and cultivating a passionate community of creators and fans.

Did you know?

Did you know that the expression 'creepypasta' originated from 'copypasta', a term for viral, copied-and-pasted text? These daunting narratives give 'copy-paste' a whole new meaning, don't they?


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