National Croc Day

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Put on your most comfortable slippers, slick back that hair and get ready to delve into the world of national days as we embark on a champion-studded journey that's all about, of all things, crocs! (No, not the reptile, the shoes, we promise they won't bite.)

When is Croc Day?

It's national croc day on the 24th October.

The Origins of National Croc Day

Oh, when you tread on the path least walked on, it is when you discover the golden nuggets of fascination. Like, who would have thought that in the massive universe of national observances, there lies a day dedicated especially to a pair of shoes? Well, as surprising as it may sound, National Croc Day does, in fact, exist, and it's as interesting as the quirky, comfortable shoes themselves.

The Internet humorously exploded on October 24th, 2019, which witnessed the most mentions online for National Croc Day, with 2476 people spontaneously deciding to celebrate their love for these iconic foam clog shoes. We're not sure what sparked this global Croc-love fest, but we sure are enjoying the ride.

The Croc Appeal

Crocs, although initially met with a mixture of humor and confusion, have over time transitioned from footwear-underdogs to a symbol of carefree comfort. Their 'ugly-beautiful' charm, like an abstract Picasso painting, is admittedly an acquired taste. Yet, fans worldwide enjoy the oddity and comfort, brandishing them in an array of colors, from neon pink to classic khaki.

So, whether you are a closeted Croc aficionado, an out-and-proud Croc enthusiast, or a confounded first-time observer, there’s no denying the allure of this day devoted to celebrating every little 'croc-y' nuance of these unforgettable shoes.

Celebrating National Croc Day

The best way to commemorate this day is, of course, to wear your favorite pair of Crocs. Proudly strut down your street, host a Croc-themed party, or bask in their spongy glory from the comfort of your living room. After all, no matter the color, shape, or size: All Crocs are created equal on National Croc Day.

Did you know?

Did you know Crocs were initially designed as a boating shoe? Their resistant-to-odor material and non-slip tread make them perfect for wet, slippery conditions!


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