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Whoever declared the phrase, 'Dog is a man's best friend', must have already foreseen the celebration of National Dog Day! A day set aside not just for pups, but for all breeds, shapes, and sizes of dogs. Oh, and also for dog memes, dog gifs, dog clothes, dog hats, and let's not forget, dog biscuits. It's a day where we celebrate the incredible bond between man and canine, so sit, stay (and maybe give us your paw?), as we fetch you some fun facts about National Dog Day.

When is Dog Dog Day?

It's national dog dog day on the 27th August.

A Pawsome History of National Dog Day

The internet went absolutely 'barking' on the 27th of August 2015--and for good reason! It was the day when the world acknowledged dogs not just as man's loyal companion, but as the stars of the day. National Dog Day first woofed its way into online fame in 2015 when it was detected 5441 times! Talk about an impressive game of digital fetch!

Whose Good Idea Was This?

Founded by Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert and Animal Advocate, Colleen Paige, in 2004, National Dog Day was created to celebrate all dogs, mixed breed and pure; to shed light on the importance of dog adoption; and to remind humans everywhere of the number of dogs in shelters that need a home.

The Tail Wagging Tradition

Everyone loves a good reason to post pictures of their adorable pups, dressed in their cutest ensemble. On this day, the internet is flooded with adorable pictures, heartwarming stories and also serves as a platform to advocate for adequate care, respect and protection of our furry buddies.

History behind the term 'Dog Dog'


Introduction to a canine phrase

In 1892, the term 'dog dog' was first used colloquially to describe dogs that had a particularly playful and energetic demeanor. It referred to dogs that were known for their lively and bouncy nature, often wagging their tails fervently as a sign of excitement. This term quickly caught on among dog enthusiasts and gradually became a part of the canine vocabulary.


Popularity in dog shows

By 1925, the term 'dog dog' had gained popularity within the dog show community. Critics and judges started using it to describe dogs that demonstrated exceptional agility, enthusiasm, and overall exuberance during competitions. The term became synonymous with dogs that exhibited an infectious zest for life, capturing the attention of both judges and spectators alike.


Symbol of loyalty and companionship

In the 1940s, the term 'dog dog' took on a deeper symbolism within popular culture. It became associated with the unwavering loyalty and companionship that dogs provided to their human counterparts. Dogs were seen as the epitome of unconditional love, always eager to please and bring joy to those around them. 'Dog dog' thus became a term of endearment, signifying the special bond between canines and their human companions.


Celebrating canine enthusiasm

In 1977, a small group of dog enthusiasts decided to create a national day to celebrate the exuberant nature of dogs, and they named it 'Dog Dog Day'. This special day aimed to recognize and appreciate the boundless energy, loyalty, and affectionate spirit that dogs bring into our lives. 'Dog Dog Day' quickly gained popularity, with dog lovers across the country embracing the opportunity to honor their furry friends.


Continued celebration and awareness

Today, 'Dog Dog Day' is widely celebrated every year on August 26th. It serves as a reminder to cherish and appreciate the playful, loyal, and loving nature of dogs. This national day has also become an occasion to raise awareness about responsible pet ownership, promote animal welfare, and encourage adoption from animal shelters. 'Dog Dog Day' continues to bring joy to dog owners and highlight the positive impact that dogs have on our lives.

Did you know?

Did you know that the idea for National Dog Day came to Colleen Paige when she was just 10 years old? She adopted a dog from an animal shelter on this very date - how whimsically wonderful is that?


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