National Dog Fighting Awareness Day

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Ever wondered whether Fido's great-great-great-grandpawrent was involved in some underground doggie Fight Club? Well, probably you didn't until now – sorry for putting that image in your head. But isn't it odd that there's a day for everything? Including the National Dog Fighting Awareness Day on April 8th which aims to end this barbaric activity. Wonder how it came to be? Let's fetch some internet history, shall we?

When is Dog Fighting Awareness Day?

It's national dog fighting awareness day on the 8th April.

A History of Barking up the Right Tree

Paw through the archives and you'll spot a significant bump in mentions of National Dog Fighting Awareness Day on April 8th, 2015. With 4470 online conversations barking about this cause, it was a day that could be heard across continents!

Why all the Ruff and Tumble?

Dog fighting, as much as we prefer not to think about it, has a cruel and lengthy history. But pooch lovers worldwide have been gnawing at this problem relentlessly, promoting awareness and striving for a future where all dogs can just play fetch instead. And internet has been a tremendous help in amplifying their efforts.

Throw Us a Bone Here, How Did it Originate?

The origins of National Dog Fighting Awareness Day may have been overshadowed by the overwhelming support it receives now, but the idea behind it is to publicly shame this cruel sport and shine a spotlight on the efforts to combat this problem. The end game? A world where every canine can enjoy a bone without fear of having to fight for it.

A Day That's Anything But a Dog's Dinner

Today, this national day paw-sitively impacts countless canines' lives, directing much-needed attention to a subject matter that can often be hard to confront. Those canine heroes working their tails off to eradicate dog fighting surely do appreciate the extra howl-out on April 8th!

History behind the term 'Dog Fighting Awareness'


The birth of organized dog fighting

In the year 1835, organized dog fighting first gained significant recognition. This brutal blood sport involved two dogs pitted against each other in a fight to the death, with spectators placing bets on the outcome. Initially popular among the lower classes, dog fighting soon spread to other social strata, attracting a diverse audience.


Growing concerns and animal welfare advocacy

As the popularity of dog fighting continued to rise, so did the concerns surrounding the cruelty involved. In the year 1866, the first efforts to raise awareness about the plight of fighting dogs began. Animal welfare activists started speaking out against the brutal nature of dog fighting, highlighting the physical and psychological harm these animals endured.


The emergence of organized dog fighting legislation

In the year 1904, various countries started enacting laws to combat dog fighting. These laws aimed to criminalize this inhumane practice and protect animals from unnecessary harm. The legislation imposed penalties on those involved in organizing or participating in dog fights, marking an important step towards increasing awareness and discouraging dog fighting activities.


Formation of animal welfare organizations focusing on dog fighting

In 1976, dedicated animal welfare organizations emerged with a specific focus on combatting dog fighting. These organizations worked tirelessly to educate the public about the inherent cruelty of this activity and the detrimental effects it had on both the dogs involved and society as a whole. Their efforts played a crucial role in raising awareness about dog fighting and advocating for its eradication.


International Dog Fighting Awareness Day

In the year 2007, International Dog Fighting Awareness Day was established to shed light on the persisting issue of dog fighting worldwide. This day serves as a reminder to advocate for the humane treatment of animals and to continue working towards eradicating dog fighting. It brings together individuals, organizations, and communities to raise awareness, promote education, and support efforts to rescue and rehabilitate dogs affected by this cruel practice.

Did you know?

Did you know, dog fighting was actually outlawed in England way back in 1835? While we're obviously way behind on doggie-fashion trends (sniff, monocle, top hats), at least we caught up on this important one!


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