National Doggie Day

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On your mark, get set...woof! Welcome to an all-about-on-paws article on National Doggie Day. A day to celebrate your lovable furry companions, shower them with treats, pamper them with hugs, and grump at them for chewing your favorite shoes. But who could stay mad for long when looked at with those puppy dog eyes?

When is Doggie Day?

It's national doggie day on the 26th August.

A Tale as Old as 2015

Our tail-wagging tour begins in the year when Justin Bieber's 'What Do You Mean?' was a hit, and boy, dogs didn't know what we meant when we told them, 'it's your day, buddy!'. That action-packed year was 2015. The internet paw-print shows a whopping 4578 mentions of National Doggie Day, making it a number one hit in the chart of canine celebrations.

Every Pooch has its Day

26 Aug 2015 holds the leash for the most Internet mentions to date. Canines were barking mad (in the best sense) on this day with their antics shared widely, leading to a meteoric rise in hashtag drool of #NationalDoggieDay.

The Alpha Dog Day

Dominating the love and internet space, National Doggie Day undoubtedly has become the top dog of pet-related national days. No bones about it, people have realized that a dog really is a family member – sometimes, the most favorite one. Go forth and repost your favorite canine meme!

History behind the term 'Doggie'


Origin as a diminutive

The term 'doggie' originated in 1886 as a diminutive of the word 'dog.' Diminutives are often used to express affection or cuteness. In this case, 'doggie' was used as a playful and endearing term to refer to a small or young dog. The word quickly gained popularity due to its delightful and friendly sound.


Widespread use in children's literature

During the 1890s, the term 'doggie' became more widely known and used through its frequent appearance in children's literature. Many authors and illustrators incorporated the word into their stories and picture books to depict adorable dogs. This exposure in children's media contributed to the widespread adoption of 'doggie' as a term of endearment for canines.


Emergence in popular culture

By the 1920s, 'doggie' had firmly established itself in popular culture and became a familiar term among dog lovers. It appeared in songs, films, and theater productions of the time, further embedding itself as a charming descriptor for our loyal four-legged friends. The word's versatility and playful tone made it an ideal choice for various forms of entertainment.


Influence on pet care industry

In the 1950s, the rise of dog ownership and the increasing importance of pets within households led to the expansion of the pet care industry. The term 'doggie' became a common descriptor in advertising and marketing campaigns for pet products. It was used to evoke a sense of companionship, tenderness, and care, appealing to pet owners who wanted the best for their beloved 'doggies.'


Continued usage and modern variations

In the present day, 'doggie' remains a popular term used by pet owners to affectionately refer to their dogs. It has become ingrained in our everyday language, often used casually and nostalgically. Additionally, variations such as 'doggy' and 'doggies' have also emerged, adding further diversity to the lexicon of pet-related terms. The continued usage of 'doggie' showcases the lasting impact of this endearing word.

Did you know?

Did you know that dogs have three eyelids? Yes, besides the upper and lower lids, dogs have a third lid called a ‘haw’ or ‘nictitating membrane’ which helps keep their eye moist and protected. Now, that’s what we call puppy love!


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