National Doggy Day

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Every day is a paw-fect day to celebrate our canine companions, but National Doggy Day truly takes the (dog) biscuit! So let's open the kennel gates to the tail-waggingly exciting world of the internet history of this woof-derful celebration.

When is Doggy Day?

It's national doggy day on the 26th August.

Bow-wow the Seeds of National Doggy Day Were Sown

Although every pup parent would agree that every day should be devoted to our furred loved ones, National Doggy Day officially came into existence in 2004. It was not-so coincidentally created by the super dog-lover, Colleen Paige, which should make it clear that this is a day designed by dog people, for dog people!

The Day that Collar-ed the Internet

While the day had humble beginnings, the Internet caught the scent of National Doggy Day quickly. We first started noticing significant online mentions in the late 2000s. Now it has become a bone-afide phenom, with an astonishing 7242 mentions detected on our site alone!

The Peak Pupularity Year

Though the day is always well-celebrated, our analysis points to 2015 as the year when National Doggy Day truly had its day. On August 26th of that year, interest online reached rabid proportions, making it the most pup-ulated Doggy Day on record, paws down!

Celebrate in Style

Can't decide how to celebrate this barking mad day? Why not get your pup a new squeaky toy, cook them their favorite treat, or go for an extra-long walk? After all, spending time with your pooch is the best way to celebrate. Just make sure to spread the love online with a cute photo, because as we all know, the internet is truly a dog's, um, bark?

History behind the term 'Doggy'


First Recorded Use

In the early 1920s, the term 'doggy' made its first appearance in print, referring to a small dog or a dog that resembles a puppy in size or behavior. The term was used to describe the adorable and playful nature of these dogs, creating a sense of endearment towards them.


The Rise of Popular Culture

During the 1950s, 'doggy' gained popularity in popular culture, especially in movies and television. The term was frequently used to refer to loyal and friendly canine companions, creating a positive association with the word. This increased exposure further ingrained 'doggy' into everyday language and strengthened its cultural impact.


Doggy Style Controversy

In the 1970s, the term 'doggy' gained another layer of cultural significance when it became associated with a sexual position referred to as 'doggy style.' This controversial usage took hold in informal and colloquial language, causing a shift in public perception. Despite this association, the original endearing meaning of 'doggy' remained intact in most contexts.


Mainstream Pet Culture

By the 1990s, 'doggy' had firmly established its place in mainstream pet culture. It became a commonly used term for dogs among pet owners as well as in children's books, cartoons, and advertising. This expansion of the term's usage reinforced its association with affection, playfulness, and the qualities that people widely attribute to dogs.


Modern Doggy

Today, 'doggy' remains a widely recognized and used term to describe dogs, particularly in a cute or endearing manner. It has become an integral part of the pet-related vocabulary and continues to evoke feelings of warmth and affection towards our beloved canine companions.

Did you know?

Did you know that the creator of National Doggy Day, Colleen Paige, is also a pet & family lifestyle expert and animal behaviorist? Talk about being dedicated to 'paw-sitivity!'


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