National Dollar Day

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Dig deeper into those pockets folks, and let's get ready to jingle some coinage because it's National Dollar Day! On this fine day, we're paying homage to that green note which holds the power to make us gleeful or glum. Notably popular on the internet, this day slipped into the limelight on August 8, 2016, when it was observed by thousands of thrift shoppers and financial enthusiasts.

When is Dollar Day?

It's national dollar day on the 8th August.

A Penny, Nickel and Dime for your Time

National Dollar Day isn't just about celebrating that flashing piece of paper, it's an opportunity for us to appreciate the financial security or buying penchant it allows us. Additionally, it's a golden chance to hike across the trail of the spending habits, track down where our money goes or explore the delightful hobbies of coin collecting.

On the Internet Highways

The first major mention of National Dollar Day we could sniff out occurred on August 8, 2016, when internet users came together to share a toast to their pocket companions. Posting pictures of their oldest dollars, the wildest things they've purchased with a dollar, or just sharing fun facts about the US currency, the web was thick with activity, clocking up 2,497 mentions! It was a grand virtual party filled with musing about our journey with the buck, laughable shopping stories, and friendly debates on spending habits.

More than Paper and Metal

Whilst you may be huddled under a blanket of dollars, don't forget that this day is also a salute to personal finance. It's the perfect time to brush up on saving hacks, learn more about managing your bucks or to simply appreciate how far that dollar stretches. And hey, why not add a dab of philanthropy and donate those dollars to the less fortunate? You might turn out to be the secret Santa some folks have been waiting for.

Did you know?

Did you know that the first U.S. dollar bill wasn't printed until 1862, and it didn't bear the portrait of George Washington, but of Salmon P. Chase, the then Secretary of the Treasury?


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