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Ah, the elusive National Dom Day, a day that has had internet users scratching their heads and gleefully discussing over the years. But fear not, dear reader, we've done the digging for you and are thrilled to bring you the weird and wonderful details of this special day. So grab a cuppa and prepare to be entertained!

When is Dom Day?

It's national dom day on the 7th August.

History of National Dom Day

With the first online mentions of National Dom Day emerging from the chaotic realm of social media on August 7, 2016, there exists unaddressed confusion surrounding its origins and its purpose.

But given the internet's penchant for randomness (remember the 'planking' trend? Yeah, we still don't get it.), we can't really say we're surprised.

Addressing the Elephant in the Room

The term 'Dom' itself leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Some might think of it in the wholesome context of cooking and refer to Dom Perignon, the luxury champagne, while others might relate it to the lovable character Dom Toretto from 'Fast and Furious'. For now, let's just roll with the vibe and continue our deep dive on what can only be described as a fascinating exploration.

Celebrating National Dom Day

Given the ambiguity, the method of celebrating this day is equally ambiguous and versatile. Have a bottle of Dom Perignon on standby? Pop it open! Fun, vague, and mysterious, National Dom Day is truly the Schrödinger's cat of internet holidays, and we're here for it.

In Conclusion

Whether it celebrates a person, a luxury drink, or remains an enigma, National Dom Day continues to mark its presence, hovering in cyberspace much like a ghost ship. But isn't that just the charm of the World Wide Web? You bet it is!

History behind the term 'Dom'

9th century

Origin in Old Norse

The term 'dom' finds its roots in Old Norse, an ancient North Germanic language spoken by the Norse people. In Old Norse, 'domr' referred to judgment, law, or decision-making. It was a concept deeply ingrained in the Viking culture and closely tied to the idea of justice.

11th century

Influence of Old Norse on English

During the Viking Age, the Norse traders, raiders, and settlers came into contact with the Anglo-Saxon inhabitants of England. This interaction led to a significant influence of Old Norse on the English language. The Old Norse term 'domr' gradually evolved into the Old English word 'dōm,' which retained its essence of judgment and justice.

13th century

Development of 'dom' in Middle English

As the Norman Conquest took place in 1066, the English language underwent further changes. In Middle English, the term 'dom' continued to evolve, now referring to authority, power, or control. It started encompassing broader concepts related to governance, rulership, and the exercise of authority in society.

16th century

Wider usage and legal context

By the 16th century, 'dom' had become firmly established in the English language, gaining widespread usage in various contexts. It was particularly associated with legal terminology, signifying a legal jurisdiction or the authority of a lord or noble. The evolution of 'dom' reflects the gradual development of society's understanding of power structures and governance.

20th century

Cultural impact

In the 20th century, the term 'dom' expanded its meaning beyond its historical and legal connotations. It became a prefix in various words and phrases, often denoting dominance, mastery, or expertise in a particular field. This evolution showcases the ever-changing nature of language and its ability to reflect and adapt to the shifting cultural landscape.

Did you know?

Did you know? Despite the various interpretations, the term 'Dom' is usually used as a shorthand for 'Dominus', which is Latin for 'Master' or 'Lord', making this day feel almost regal!


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