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Are you having a bad hair day? Well, how about turning your 'show, don't tell' sympathy for hair loss sufferers into a 'show and cut' empathy? Welcome to National Donate Your Hair Day, a follicular charity fiesta that brings beauty where it's most needed.

When is Donate Your Hair Day?

It's national donate your hair day on the 21st August.

When Shears Meet Care

National Donate Your Hair Day, first buzzed its way into our hearts ... and heads, on August 21, 2015, when the Internet blew up with 4529 mentions of people snipping off their luscious locks for a good cause.

A Cut Above the Rest

Celebrated annually since its roaring social media debut, National Donate Your Hair Day encourages kind-hearted folks to go under the scissors and donate their freshly chopped hair to make wigs for those who have lost their own due to medical conditions such as cancer. It’s like becoming your own hair fairy, except you get to keep the teeth.

Make the Cut

Participation is simple. You grow your hair out (the longer, the lockier), you find a participating hair salon (they're the ones waving scissors excitedly), and you sit back and let the stylist do their thing. It's win-win-win: a free haircut, a good deed, and an exciting new look!

A Bun-dle of Love

Your hair donation will then be woven into a beautiful wig which is gifted to a person in need. It might sound like a small thing to you, but for someone going through the often challenging experience of managing hair loss, your ponytail donation can help them face the world with renewed confidence and strength.

Let's Make Waves

This day is a perfect opportunity to rally your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors and even that aloof cat next door. Together, you all could whip up a lovely hair harvest, transforming many heads and hearts in the process.

History behind the term 'Donate Your Hair'


The Origins of Hair Donation

In 1795, the concept of hair donation began with the emergence of the wig industry. During this time, wigs made from human hair became a popular fashion accessory among the wealthy elite. As the demand for wigs increased, so did the need for a constant supply of hair. This led to the practice of individuals willingly cutting and donating their long locks to wig makers.


Hair Donation for Cancer Patients

In the 1950s, the act of donating hair gained a new purpose. The medical community discovered that hair loss was a common side effect of cancer treatment, particularly chemotherapy. This realization sparked the idea of using donated hair to create wigs for cancer patients. Wigs made from real hair were found to be more comfortable and realistic-looking, helping patients regain confidence and cope with the emotional challenges of hair loss.


The Rise of Hair Donation Organizations

By the 1980s, dedicated hair donation organizations started to emerge. These organizations aimed to streamline the process of hair donation by providing clear guidelines and instructions for donors. They also partnered with wig manufacturers and nonprofit organizations to ensure that donated hair was transformed into high-quality wigs and distributed to those in need, including cancer patients and individuals with medical conditions causing hair loss.


Locks of Love Established

The year 1997 marked a significant milestone in the history of hair donation with the establishment of the nonprofit organization, Locks of Love. Locks of Love became a prominent advocate for hair donation, specifically catering to children and young adults with long-term hair loss due to medical conditions such as alopecia. Since its inception, Locks of Love has helped countless individuals regain their self-esteem by providing them with custom-fitted, natural hair wigs.


Pantene Beautiful Lengths Campaign

In 2006, the famous hair care brand Pantene launched the Beautiful Lengths campaign. This initiative encouraged people to donate their hair to create free, real-hair wigs for women undergoing cancer treatment. Pantene partnered with the American Cancer Society to ensure the wigs reached those in need. The campaign received widespread support and helped raise awareness about the positive impact of hair donation.

Did you know?

Fun fact for the day: You need at least 6 ponytails to make one wig. So, if you've been growing out your mane with the kind intention of donating it, you might need some company.


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