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Wait, hold on. What's that? You're telling me there's a National Door Stuck Day? Well, just when you thought you'd seen it all in the world of National Days, here's another to make you chuckle. Celebrated widely on the online circuit, this unique day calls attention to that untimely moment we've all experienced - when we're trying to make a smooth exit and... yup, our path is blocked by an unyielding door!

When is Door Stuck Day?

It's national door stuck day on the 24th September.

What is National Door Stuck Day?

You might be giggle-snorting right now, but this day is all about embracing the unexpected humor that life throws at us. National Door Stuck Day is a whimsical nod to those awkward moments where doors just refuse to cooperate, confounding the best of us. Elegantly poised for a grand departure only to have a door stay absolutely put? Yup, we've all been there.

How did it gain popularity?

The most mentions of National Door Stuck Day were on 24th September 2018, with a total of 13662 online callouts. So, what spiked the interest? Turns out the Internet loves a good chuckle, and there's hardly anything more universally funny than a door refusing to budge. Think of it as an inside joke that simply caught fire!

How to celebrate?

Swear at a stubborn door, share your anecdotes and videos on social media using #DoorStuckDay, or better yet - conduct a workshop on the Art of Door-Opening. On a more serious note, it's a great day to check the functionality of all doors at your place and oil those squeaky hinges.

History behind the term 'Door Stuck'


The birth of 'door stuck'

In 2008, a YouTube video titled 'Greatest freak out ever (Original Video)' went viral. The video, uploaded by user wafflepwn, featured a young man named Stephen who became extremely agitated when his World of Warcraft game froze. One particular phrase Stephen repeatedly yelled in frustration was 'door stuck', which quickly caught the attention of viewers.


Internet memes and remixes

The popularity of the 'door stuck' phrase grew in 2009, with internet users adopting it as a meme. Remixes and parodies flooded the internet, with people creating humorous videos and remixes incorporating the phrase. This led to 'door stuck' becoming firmly established as an internet catchphrase.


Expansion to other contexts

By 2010, the term 'door stuck' had transcended its origin in the gaming community and found its way into various contexts. It became a versatile phrase to express frustration or being stuck in any situation. Memes featuring the phrase started appearing on social media platforms, further popularizing its usage.


Inclusion in popular culture

The term 'door stuck' made its way into mainstream popular culture in 2013. It was referenced and parodied in television shows, comedy sketches, and even advertising campaigns. Its quirky and relatable nature resonated with the audience, cementing its status as a widely recognized internet phenomenon.


Continued usage and evolution

To this day, 'door stuck' remains a popular and recognizable phrase online. It has evolved beyond its initial usage as an expression of frustration, often being employed humorously or ironically. The phrase's resilience and enduring cultural impact showcase the internet's ability to create and propagate language that resonates with millions of people.

Did you know?

Did you know the 'door stuck' phenomenon is a major meme in the gaming community, particularly the CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) gamers? The meme came from a hilarious video of a player being stuck behind a door!


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