National Durag Day

A diverse group of people wearing durags, showcasing various hairstyles, against a vibrant urban backdrop..
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Let's roll out the velvet carpet for the underdog of the fashion accessory world, celebrating our 'headgear hero' on National Durag Day! Wave hello to a day dedicated to showcasing personal style and culture, embodied in a simple, yet versatile, cloth tied around the head.

When is Durag Day?

It's national durag day on the 19th October.

Just 'Head'-ing Into Culture and Style

Started as a trend in the African-American community during the Harlem Renaissance, the durag has moved from a symbol of oppression to a signifier of creativity, swag, and fierce individuality. With 4493 mentions online and the largest wave (pun intended) on October 19, 2017, National Durag Day has transformed a casual accessory into a profound cultural celebration.

The Rise of the Durag Dynasty

The durag has enjoyed its journey from taboo to trendy, becoming a fashion statement for pop stars, rappers, and athletes. Most importantly, it's a beacon of resistance and resilience within a community, cementing a unique identity with unapologetic confidence- all wrapped up (literally) in a piece of cloth!

Celebrating National Durag Day

Don your durags and embrace the rebel in you. Flaunt your waves, curves, and coils, or protect your braids, locks, and weaves. Embody what the durag stands for: strength, creativity and individuality. Advocate for cultural acceptance in a world too quick to judge. Share dazzling durag pics on social platforms, tag your friends, and turn National Durag Day into a vibrant, virtual carnival of coiffure.

Did you know?

Did you know that 'durag', also spelled 'do-rag', is believed to be a combination of the phrases 'hairdo rag' and 'dew-rag'?


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7th November 2016

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19th October 2017

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