National Eat What You Want Day

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Wave a cheery goodbye to your diet regimen and say hello to the delightfully indulgent day known as National Eat What You Want Day. This richly flavorful day of the year found itself on our platters thanks to the delectable invention of Thomas and Ruth Roy of

When is Eat What You Want Day?

It's national eat what you want day on the 11th May.

Feasting on the History of National Eat What You Want Day

Our journey down the memory lane takes us back to the days of Thomas and Ruth Roy who conceived National Eat What You Want Day to put a pause on the worldwide obsession with diets and food restrictions. Faced with a motley array of diets and lifestyle fads, they craved a day where they weren't accountable for the calorie content or sugar percentages in their meals. So, on May 11 every year, we all are encouraged to treat our taste-buds to whatever they've been fantasizing about; be it a hefty slice of deep-dish pizza, a gooey comfort bowl of mac and cheese or a mountainous ice-cream sundae.

2020: The Year That Was

Flash-forward to 2020 and the event had its most online mentions on May 11. Approximately 8013 salivating cyberspace foodies and dietary rebels joined the online conversation to mark the glorious day of unfastened belts and carefree munching.

Join the Celebration

So, envision your favorite food and take a guiltless bite or ten of it. Revel in the thrilling taste, soak in the tantalizing aroma, and let the indescribable enjoyment linger on your palate. Because today, my fellow food-lovers, is National Eat What You Want Day. A guilt-free day dedicated to savoring your favorite foods sans judgment or calorie-counting. Just remember to celebrate responsibly - even indulgence has its limits!

Did you know?

Thomas and Ruth Roy have created over 80 special days and National Eat What You Want Day is just one of their delicious inventions!


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