National Ellie Day

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Elephants aren't the only ones who never forget - online users are also keeping the memory alive of what we like to call 'National ellie Day'! First spotted in February 2018 amongst a flurry of virtual hi-fives and pachydermic pinterest boards, this day is far from a white elephant.

When is Ellie Day?

It's national ellie day on the 27th February.

A Walk Down Memory Lane to National ellie Day

National ellie Day continues to be an internet sensation to this day, owning its nickname from the majestic Elephants (Ellies) that inspired it. The online mentions traced back to February 27, 2018, where online users took to their platforms to salute this gentle giant. Just like an elephant’s memory, the internet doesn’t forget. In this case, its memory kept an enchanting day alive.

Becoming a Meme-ory

Before you rule this day out as just another quirk of the Internet, think again! Although its existence revolves around memes, tweets, and social media posts, it signifies something more profound. National ellie Day celebrates the spirit of Elephants, with the Ellie standing as an icon for powerful memory, strength, and size.

Data Speaks Louder

The highest concentration of National ellie Day mentions was recorded on February 27, 2018. It remains fascinating to wonder if an elephant somewhere led a spectacular parade or performed a captivating stunt that day that inspired its online fame. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that National ellie Day stamped its foot in the cyber world exactly as an Ellie would do.

Long Live the Ellie!

So, the next time you come across a National ellie Day post on your feed, remember there is more to it than meets the eye. The day denotes an appreciation of these awe-inspiring creatures. It’s a reminder of their power, their grace, their ability to recall, and the urgent need to conserve their kind.

History behind the term 'Ellie'


Introduction of Ellie as a pet name

In 1997, the name 'Ellie' gained popularity as a pet name for female animals, particularly dogs and cats. This affectionate nickname added a sense of endearment and familiarity between pet owners and their beloved furry friends.


Ellie becomes a popular baby girl's name

Around 2003, the name 'Ellie' found its way into the realm of baby names. Derived from the more traditional name 'Eleanor' or 'Elizabeth,' 'Ellie' started gaining traction as a standalone name, recognized for its sweetness and charm.


Ellie in popular culture: Video game 'The Last of Us'

In 2013, the popular video game 'The Last of Us' introduced a captivating character named Ellie. This young and resilient girl played a central role in the game's emotive storyline, captivating players worldwide. The character's strong personality and unwavering determination heightened the name 'Ellie's' appeal, making it even more well-known.


Ellie as a symbol of female empowerment

By 2018, 'Ellie' had become a symbol of female empowerment and strength. Its association with determined characters like Ellie from 'The Last of Us' and real-life influential women named Ellie (e.g., athletes, artists, and activists) helped solidify its connection to resilience and determination.

Did you know?

Did you know that 'Ellie' is a popular shorthand name for Elephants amongst animal lovers and conservationists? Now, that's an 'ellie' fun fact!


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27th February 2018

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27th February 2018

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