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It's time to dig into the doughy, delectable delight that is the empanada. No, seriously, it's actually a day for it. On April 8, foodies and pastry enthusiasts alike celebrate National Empanada Day, a day dedicated to the versatile and scrumptious empanada, the little pastry that has warmed hearts (and bellies) all over the globe.

When is Empanada Day?

It's national empanada day on the 8th April.

The Rise of the Empanada

So how did National Empanada Day manage to get itself noticed in a sea of 5041 online mentions? Well, it’s pretty simple. Empanadas are awesome. It's no wonder that back on 08 Apr 2015, the Internet came together as one big happy, hungry family to give empanadas the biggest shout out they've ever had.

What's in an Empanada?

The empanada is the ultimate stuffed pastry. You can put meat, cheese, veggies, or fruits inside, and every culture has its own unique twist. The traditional empanada was born in Spain, but has since globe-trotted all the way to Latin America, Southeast Asia, and back. The result? Amazing and diverse flavors packed into one delicious, hand-held meal.

The Celebrations Across the Globe

On National Empanada Day, folks whip up their favorite empanada recipes, or visit their favorite local food spot to indulge in this versatile treat. Some even host empanada-making parties - because let's face it, anything's fun when food's involved.

Join the Fun

So this National Empanada Day, why not join the celebration? Dust off your apron, dig out that old family recipe, or simply dish out some appetizing empanadas from your nearest bakery. After all, sharing an empanada is a great way to show someone you 'knead' them!

History behind the term 'Empanada'

600 BCE

The Early Beginnings

Empanadas trace their roots back to ancient Persia (modern-day Iran) around 600 BCE. The Persians invented a portable meal called 'empanada' which consisted of a mixture of meat, nuts, and spices, wrapped in a bread-like dough and then baked or fried.


Spread through Spanish Conquest

During the Spanish colonization of the Americas in the 1500s, empanadas made their way across the Atlantic. Spanish explorers, such as Christopher Columbus, introduced this delicious dish to the New World. The dish quickly became popular due to its versatility and ability to be filled with a variety of ingredients.


Empanadas in Latin America

In the 1600s, empanadas became firmly established in Latin America, particularly in countries like Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico. The dish adapted to local flavors and ingredients, incorporating regional spices, meats, and vegetables. Each country developed its own unique empanada traditions, resulting in a diverse range of flavors and styles.


Empanadas Gain Popularity

During the 19th century, empanadas gained widespread popularity throughout Latin America. They became a staple of the region's cuisine and were commonly consumed as street food or served during special occasions and celebrations. Empanadas were also adopted by immigrants from Latin America, spreading their influence to other parts of the world.


Empanada Appreciation Worldwide

Today, empanadas are celebrated and enjoyed worldwide. They have become a beloved dish in many countries, with variations appearing in cuisines from Europe to Asia. Empanada festivals and competitions are held around the globe to showcase the diverse range of fillings and techniques. This humble pastry has truly left its mark on the world culinary stage.

Did you know?

Did you know that the empanada was originally called the 'impanada', which comes from the Latin word 'impanare', meaning 'to bread'? Now, that's some bread-breaking friendship right there!


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