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Grab your favorite can, sip, and let the caffeine kick in, because it's National Energy Drink Day! A day dedicated to that bubbly, electrifying potion that helps us power through our day. The day itself, much like the effect of an energy drink, came zipping into existence with a sudden burst.

When is Energy Drink Day?

It's national energy drink day on the 29th September.

The History

Surprisingly, the Internet doesn't seem to be buzzing with the history of National Energy Drink Day as much as someone who's just downed a monster energy. With only 27 mentions detected online, the first major spike we noted was on September 29, 2015. Could this mean that this was its inception? The Internet holds its secrets well.

Buzzing Around the World

Energy drinks have a worldwide following! Students pulling all-nighters, athletes needing that extra boost, workaholics ticking off their to-do list - all resort to this fizzy fount of stamina. There's no shortage of lovers of this liquid lightning.

Celebration Ideas

You might celebrate by trying out a new energy drink flavor or perhaps sharing your favorite can with a friend. Brush up on your knowledge of caffeine or perhaps delve into the history of energy drink inventions. Maybe even whip up a mocktail (let's keep it PG-rated folks!) with it. Just don't forget to recycle your cans!

Remember to Balance

As much as we love the buzz, it's crucial to remember not to fly too close to the sun. Energy drinks are a pick-me-up, not a substitute for proper sleep or a balanced diet. So while we toast to this charged up day, let's not forget the importance of moderation.

History behind the term 'Energy Drink'


The Invention of Bull’s-Eye

In 1927, a Scottish chemist named William Mark Thomson created a caffeine-rich syrup called Bull’s-Eye. This syrup was originally intended to be mixed with soda water and used as a mixer in cocktails.


The Creation of the First Commercial Energy Drink

In 1962, a Japanese company called Taisho Pharmaceuticals introduced a product called Lipovitan-D, which is considered the first modern energy drink. It contained a mix of B-vitamins, taurine, and caffeine, and was marketed as a remedy for fatigue and drowsiness.


The Birth of Red Bull

In 1984, an Austrian entrepreneur named Dietrich Mateschitz discovered Lipovitan-D while on a business trip to Thailand. Impressed by its effects, he decided to create a similar energy drink for the Western market. Mateschitz teamed up with Thai businessman Chaleo Yoovidhya to develop Red Bull, which was launched in Austria in 1987 and gained worldwide popularity.


Monster Energy Drink's Appearance

In 1997, the Monster Beverage Corporation introduced Monster Energy. Marketed as a high-energy supplement, Monster became a major player in the energy drink industry. The brand's iconic green can and aggressive marketing campaigns contributed to its success.


The Rise of Energy Drink Varieties

Around the early 2000s, the energy drink market experienced a significant boom, leading to the emergence of numerous brands and flavors. Companies like Rockstar Energy, Amp Energy, and Full Throttle entered the market, offering a variety of options to cater to different tastes and preferences.


Controversies and Health Concerns

As the popularity of energy drinks grew, so did controversies surrounding their safety and potential health risks. In 2004, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began investigating reports of adverse events associated with energy drinks. Concerns were raised about the high caffeine content, excessive consumption, and potential adverse effects on vulnerable populations.

Did you know?

Did you know that the first energy drink, 'Coca Wine' was invented in the 1860s? The idea was to combine the strength of alcohol and caffeine, quite a spirited kick, wouldn't you say?


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