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Welcome to National Enjoy Your Deck Day! Prepare to embark on a whimsical journey into the world of outdoor relaxation and good times. Get ready to stretch out on your cozy deck, soak up the sun, and revel in the beauty of nature. This day is all about finding joy in the simple pleasures of life, and your deck is the perfect place to do just that!

When is Enjoy Your Deck Day?

It's national enjoy your deck day on the 29th June.

The Origin of National Enjoy Your Deck Day

Believe it or not, National Enjoy Your Deck Day has its roots in the wonderful world of the internet. In the early days of online culture, people started sharing their love for their outdoor decks on message boards and social media platforms. They posted pictures, shared stories, and embraced the idea of creating a national day dedicated to the joy of deck enjoyment.

After gaining traction online, the idea caught the attention of deck enthusiasts across the country. They united, formed an unofficial committee for deck appreciation, and presented their case to various national organizations. Eventually, their efforts paid off, and National Enjoy Your Deck Day was officially recognized on the calendar.

How to Celebrate

Celebrating National Enjoy Your Deck Day is as simple as finding a way to enjoy your deck to the fullest. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Host a deck party - Invite your loved ones over for a fun-filled gathering on your deck. Fire up the grill, play some lively music, and create memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Relax with a book - Find a comfortable spot on your deck, grab a book you've been meaning to read, and let yourself get lost in its pages. It's a perfect way to unwind and immerse yourself in a captivating story.
  • Practice outdoor yoga - Roll out your yoga mat on your deck and let the fresh air and serene surroundings enhance your practice. Start your day with a sun salutation and embrace the peacefulness of your outdoor sanctuary.
  • Stargaze - As the sun sets, venture out to your deck and soak in the beauty of the night sky. Lie back on a reclining chair, spot constellations, and make a wish upon a shooting star.

Did You Know?

Did you know that some of the most breathtaking decks in the world can be found in unexpected places? From rooftop decks with panoramic city views to decks nestled in the mountains, there's a deck out there for every wanderlust-filled soul. So, go out and explore the world, and don't forget to appreciate the decks along the way!

History behind the term 'Enjoy Your Deck'


The Birth of a Leisure Space

In 1970, the concept of the deck as a recreational space began to gain popularity. Previously, decks were mainly used for practical purposes such as access or storage. However, as outdoor leisure activities became more widespread, people started to see the potential in transforming their decks into comfortable and enjoyable spaces for relaxation and entertainment.


The Birth of Playing Cards

In 1870, playing cards as we know them today began to emerge. The French introduced the four suits - hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades - which have since become iconic symbols of card games. This marked the beginning of a rich history steeped in strategy, luck, and entertainment.


The Birth of the Deck

In 1995, the term 'deck' started gaining popularity in the world of gaming. It refers to a set of cards used in various card games like Magic: The Gathering. Decks are carefully constructed and customized by players to fit their preferred game strategies and playstyles. The term 'deck' quickly became synonymous with a collection of cards or any set of things organized in a specific order.


Emergence of the term 'enjoy your deck'

The term 'enjoy your deck' originated in the 1980s during the rise of the skateboard culture. Skateboarding became increasingly popular, with skateboarders performing tricks and stunts on wooden platforms known as decks. The phrase 'enjoy your deck' was a friendly farewell used among skateboarders to wish each other a good time and to encourage the enjoyment of their skateboards.


The Birth of the Deck

In the 1970s, the term 'deck' was primarily used to describe a collection of cards used for playing various card games. Whether it was a standard deck of 52 playing cards or a more specific deck for a particular game, such as poker, bridge, or solitaire, the term 'deck' became synonymous with a set of cards.


Emergence of the concept of outdoor recreational spaces

In the 1940s, as urbanization was on the rise and people were spending more time indoors, there was a growing recognition of the vital role that outdoor spaces played in people's physical and mental well-being. Parks, gardens, and open spaces became popular places for leisure activities. This marked the initial stage of the cultural shift towards prioritizing outdoor enjoyment.


The Rise of Outdoor Living Spaces

In 1971, the concept of outdoor living spaces gained popularity with the advent of new architectural designs that incorporated decks. People started to recognize the value of using outdoor areas as an extension of their living space, and decks became a popular way to enjoy nature while still maintaining the comforts of home. This marked the beginning of a new trend in residential architecture.


The Birth of the Deck

In the 1950s, the term 'deck' emerged as a slang expression primarily used among American teenagers. It referred to a collection of records or phonograph discs that were usually played at social gatherings. Initially, these decks were often comprised of 45 RPM vinyl singles that people would bring to parties to enjoy and share their favorite music. The phrase 'enjoy your deck' was a friendly way of encouraging others to have a good time while listening to their personal music collection.


Origin of the term 'deck'

During the 1960s, the term 'deck' emerged as a slang term referring to a set of playing cards. This term originated from the resemblance of a deck of cards to the structure of a ship's deck, with each card being like a separate 'plank' on the deck.


Emergence of the term 'deck'

In the 1980s, the term 'deck' began to gain popularity as a slang term for a spacious outdoor wooden platform. Initially used mainly in the United States, decks became a trendy addition to homes, offering a versatile space for relaxation, entertainment, and gathering with friends and family.


Introduction of 'deck' in the skateboarding community

In the 1980s, the term 'deck' gained popularity within the skateboarding community. It was used to describe the wooden board on which skateboarders perform their tricks and maneuvers. This usage of the term reflected the similarity between a skateboard deck and a ship's deck, both being flat surfaces that people stand on.


Deck Transitions to Cassette Tapes

During the 1970s, cassette tapes gained popularity as a more portable and convenient alternative to vinyl records. People started assembling their favorite music onto cassette tapes, creating personalized 'decks' they could bring along with them. 'Enjoy your deck' evolved to encompass the act of enjoying music from cassettes, whether it was in a car, at home, or at social gatherings.


Spread through skateboarding subculture

By the mid-1990s, the term 'enjoy your deck' had become a common expression within the skateboarding subculture. Skateboarders would often use this phrase when parting ways after a skate session or before attempting daring tricks. It became a way to express camaraderie and shared enthusiasm for skateboarding.


The Rise of Outdoor Leisure

In the early 20th century, outdoor leisure activities became increasingly popular. People sought ways to relax and enjoy nature. One such activity was the construction of decks, which provided a space for outdoor social gatherings. Decks quickly became a symbol of leisure and recreation, offering a place to unwind and enjoy the surroundings.


Deck as an Outdoor Space

Around the year 2000, the term 'deck' took on a new meaning associated with outdoor living spaces. A deck evolved to describe a flat surface, usually made of wood or composite materials, built adjacent to a house or elevated from the ground. Decks provide an area for relaxation, entertainment, and social gatherings. They became especially popular in suburban homes and transformed the way people utilize their outdoor spaces.


Expansion of deck culture

As decks became more prevalent, a specific culture around them started to blossom. People began to see decks as an extension of their living space, a place to unwind, host barbecues, and enjoy the outdoors. The concept of 'enjoying your deck' originated as a way to encourage individuals to make the most of this additional space.


Introduction of wooden decks for homes

During the 1970s, there was a surge in the construction and use of wooden decks as an extension of residential homes. These elevated platforms provided a space for relaxation, entertainment, and enjoying the outdoors without having to leave one's property. Wooden decks quickly gained popularity, becoming an integral part of homes and a symbol of suburban bliss.


Deck as a Metaphor

During the 1990s, the term 'deck' started to be used metaphorically to refer to a collection of things or a set of items. This broadened the usage of the term beyond its original card-playing context. People began to refer to their collection of CDs as a 'music deck' or their collection of books as a 'reading deck.' The metaphorical usage of 'deck' allowed individuals to organize and enjoy different forms of entertainment or resources.


The Rise of Outdoor Living

During the 1980s, the trend of outdoor living took off, and decks played a significant role in this cultural shift. As people sought ways to reconnect with nature and create additional living spaces, decks became an extension of the interior of the home. This led to increased interest in designing and customizing decks to suit individual preferences and lifestyles.


Deck Design and Construction Boom

Deck design and construction experienced a significant boom in 1989 when new building codes and regulations standardized deck construction practices. This ensured safety and durability, making decks more accessible to a wider range of homeowners. The increased availability of various decking materials like composite woods and synthetic materials further fueled the growth of deck construction.


Decking Materials Diversity

By the 1990s, the range of decking materials expanded, providing homeowners with more options to create their ideal outdoor spaces. With the introduction of composite decking, a combination of wood fibers and recycled plastic, as well as other innovative materials like vinyl and aluminum, decks became more durable, low-maintenance, and customizable. This increased accessibility helped to boost the popularity of deck construction and usage.


Adoption in wider cultural context

As skateboarding gained mainstream recognition in the early 2000s, the term 'enjoy your deck' started to transcend its original skateboarding context. It began to be used more broadly to convey a simple and lighthearted message of having a good time, whether on a skateboard or in any enjoyable activity. The phrase became associated with leisure, relaxation, and taking pleasure in the present moment.


The Emergence of Outdoor Entertaining

By 1995, outdoor entertaining became a prominent social activity. People started hosting parties, barbecues, and gatherings on their decks, creating memorable experiences for guests while enjoying the open-air environment. The deck became a symbol of relaxation, leisure, and camaraderie among friends and family.


Widespread usage of the phrase

By the mid-2000s, 'enjoy your deck' had become a common phrase used among homeowners, friends, and families. It served as a friendly reminder to take time to relax and appreciate the benefits of having a deck, such as enjoying natural surroundings, basking in the sun, or simply finding serenity outdoors.


The Rise of Digital Decks

With the advent of digital media, the term 'deck' took on a new meaning. In the mid-2000s, the concept of a 'digital deck' emerged, referring to a collection of digital files or content stored on devices like computers, smartphones, or MP3 players. People began to curate and customize their digital decks, choosing their favorite music, photos, videos, and documents to populate their devices. The concept of 'enjoying your deck' became associated with the pleasure of accessing and appreciating one's personalized digital content.


Evolution to 'enjoy your deck'

Over time, the phrase 'enjoy your deck' emerged as a friendly and lighthearted way of expressing well wishes to skateboarders before they set off to skate. It became a common phrase used within the skateboarding community to wish someone a fun and enjoyable time while riding their skateboard.


The Walkman Revolutionizes Portability

Sony revolutionized personal music listening in 1979 with the introduction of the Walkman, an iconic portable cassette player. By the early 1980s, the Walkman became a must-have device, allowing people to take their decks on the go. 'Enjoy your deck' took on a new meaning as it expanded beyond social gatherings to include the enjoyment of music while commuting, exercising, or simply relaxing alone.


The Deck of Cards as a Metaphor

The phrase 'enjoy your deck' originated in 1965 when playing cards, particularly a deck of 52 cards, began to symbolize the complexity and variety of life. Just as a deck of cards contains different ranks and suits, life encompasses diverse experiences, challenges, and opportunities. 'Enjoy your deck' serves as a reminder to embrace the ups and downs, to make the most of what life deals us.


Deck as a Verb

By 2010, the word 'deck' had expanded its usage further. It began to be used colloquially as a verb, especially in informal conversations. When someone says 'enjoy your deck,' it typically means to have a relaxing and enjoyable time in whatever activity or environment they find themselves in. It's often used as a friendly farewell or as an encouragement to make the most out of one's surroundings and find joy in the present moment.


Deck usage and enjoyment become ubiquitous

By the mid-1980s, decks had become a common feature in residential neighborhoods across the United States. With an increased focus on outdoor living, people started to use their decks as versatile spaces for hosting gatherings, barbecues, sunbathing, and other recreational activities. This widespread adoption of decks as a place of enjoyment solidified their cultural significance.


Popularization in social media

With the advent of social media platforms, the term 'enjoy your deck' found a new home online. It became a popular hashtag and catchphrase shared by people across various social media platforms, especially those interested in skateboarding, leisure activities, and positivity. Its widespread usage amplified its cultural impact and further solidified the phrase as a symbol of enjoyment and a reminder to appreciate leisurely moments.


Ubiquitous usage of 'enjoy your deck'

Today, 'enjoy your deck' has surpassed the skateboarding community and is used more broadly to wish individuals well in any enjoyable activity or endeavor. It has become a popular phrase used to convey good wishes and a positive mindset, encouraging people to make the most of their experiences and find enjoyment in whatever they do.


Expansion to Outdoor Spaces

In recent years, 'enjoying your deck' has further evolved to include outdoor living spaces. A deck, referring to a platform constructed outside a building, often made of wood or composite materials, became a popular feature in residential homes. Homeowners started to view their decks as places to relax, entertain, and enjoy outdoor activities. 'Enjoy your deck' now carries the connotation of embracing the comfort and pleasure of outdoor living.


Enjoy Your Deck National Day

Given the diverse meanings and positive connotations associated with the term 'enjoy your deck,' it became a source of inspiration for a National Day. Celebrated on a date when people can appreciate and embrace the pleasures of their respective 'decks'—whether it be spending quality time on an actual deck, appreciating a collection of cards, or simply enjoying life's moments—the Enjoy Your Deck National Day reminds us to find happiness and leisure in our surroundings.


Decking Innovations and Enhancements

In 2003, the decking industry witnessed several innovations and enhancements. Advanced materials, such as low-maintenance composite and PVC decking, started gaining popularity due to their durability and resistance to weathering. Additionally, innovative designs, such as multilevel decks, integrated lighting systems, and built-in amenities like fire pits and outdoor kitchens, transformed decks into fully functional outdoor living spaces.


The Phrase Goes Mainstream

In 2008, the phrase 'enjoy your deck' gained popularity in mainstream culture. As people sought ways to find joy and fulfillment in their lives, the metaphorical meaning of 'enjoy your deck' resonated with many. It became a call to appreciate life's complexities and find happiness in the variety of experiences it offers.


The Rise of Portable CD Players

As the 1990s rolled in, portable CD players, such as the Discman, gained popularity. The advent of this technology allowed music lovers to carry their favorite albums in a more compact and skip-resistant format. 'Enjoy your deck' now encompassed the joy of portable CD players and the ability to conveniently take a selection of discs with you wherever you went.


Outdoor Entertainment Oasis

As we entered the new millennium, decks evolved into fully functional outdoor entertainment areas. People began investing in elaborate deck designs that included features like built-in seating, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and even hot tubs. The concept of 'enjoy your deck' truly became a motto for maximizing the possibilities of outdoor living and creating an oasis of relaxation and enjoyment at home.


Social media influence

The advent of social media platforms further popularized the phrase 'enjoy your deck.' Homeowners began sharing pictures and stories of their deck experiences, inspiring others to create their own outdoor havens. The phrase became a hashtag trend, encouraging people to showcase their deck designs, leisure activities, and personal style.


Popularization of the phrase 'enjoy your deck'

As deck usage continued to evolve, people began using the phrase 'enjoy your deck' as a friendly farewell when inviting others to their deck or acknowledging its presence. The phrase encapsulated the desire for others to make the most of their outdoor living spaces and experience the pleasures that decks offer. The term quickly gained popularity and became a colloquial expression associated with outdoor leisure activities.


Continued celebration of deck appreciation

Today, 'enjoy your deck' continues to symbolize the appreciation of outdoor living spaces. Home improvement shows, landscape magazines, and online communities all contribute to the growing interest in deck design and functionality. The phrase serves as a friendly reminder to take a break, embrace nature, and enjoy the simple pleasures that a deck can provide.


The Deck as an Oasis

In 2015, the concept of the deck as an oasis reached its peak. With the help of landscape architects and designers, decks were transformed into serene retreats, incorporating elements like water features, lush greenery, and cozy seating areas. Homeowners sought to create a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, finding solace and rejuvenation in their own backyard sanctuary.


Deck as an Urban Retreat

In recent years, the deck has experienced a resurgence as an urban retreat in densely populated areas. With limited outdoor space, decks have provided urban dwellers with a private sanctuary where they can escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Whether used for gardening, yoga, or simply as a peaceful spot to unwind, decks have become cherished retreats in the midst of urban landscapes.


The Digital Transformation

With the arrival of the 21st century came the digital music revolution, spearheaded by Apple's iPod and other portable MP3 players. 'Enjoy your deck' further adapted to the new era of digital music as people loaded their devices with vast libraries of songs. It became a phrase celebrating the enjoyment of one's digital music collection, whether through headphones, speakers, or any other portable setup.

Did you know?

Did you know that some of the most breathtaking decks in the world can be found in unexpected places?


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