National Equipment Managers Appreciation Day

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In the grand orchestra that is a sports team, think of the equipment managers as the roadies that keep the band playing on harmoniously. They wash your jerseys, pump up your balls and always ensure your laces are just the right kind of tight. Give it up, sports fans, for the unsung heroes of the locker room. Remember that time you realized, it's not just National Hot Dog Day today? Well, brace for another humdinger - it's National Equipment Managers Appreciation Day!

When is Equipment Managers Appreciation Day?

It's national equipment managers appreciation day on the 20th September.

An Ode to the Masters of Gear

From Little League to the Big Leagues, equipment managers are the Jedi Masters of gear. They keep the uniforms clean and the morale high. National Equipment Managers Appreciation Day is an online phenomenon that began to pick up chatter on September 20, 2019, with fans coming together to say thanks. This day is all about showing respect for those behind-the-scenes heroes who make sure the game can go on.

The National Equipment Managers Appreciation Day Phenomenon

Believe it or not, the mention of National Equipment Managers Appreciation Day was first observed on the World Wide Web in 2019! Like a spinning football after a crisp quarterback throw, the day's popularity spiralled. Sports fans across the country acknowledged the role of these unsung heroes and celebrated their tireless dedication to making sure everything runs smoothly.

Acknowledging the Under-Appreciated

Teams rely on equipment managers for so much more than what meets the eye. This unsung role doesn't see much of the praise, but without them, the games wouldn't be possible. So on this day, appreciate the one who ensures the uniforms are subtle, cool and ready-to-go; to the one who packs the gear, replaces the worn-out laces and argues with stubborn zippers; to the one who's always ready with a towel or a pep talk. The next time you celebrate a home run, touchdown or a hole in one, remember it's the equipment manager who had your back.

History behind the term 'Equipment Managers Appreciation'


Emergence of organized sports teams

The origins of equipment managers appreciation can be traced back to the emergence of organized sports teams in the late 19th century. As sports such as football, baseball, and basketball gained popularity, teams formed and players began to rely on various pieces of equipment to play the game.


Introduction of equipment managers

In the early 20th century, the role of equipment manager officially emerged. These individuals were responsible for managing the team's equipment, including maintaining and repairing it. They played a crucial role in ensuring that players had the necessary gear to perform at their best.


Growing recognition for equipment managers

As professional sports leagues, such as the National Football League (NFL) and Major League Baseball (MLB), were established in the 1920s, equipment managers became even more integral to the success of teams. Their efforts in providing and maintaining equipment for players garnered recognition from both athletes and fans.


Formation of professional associations for equipment managers

In the 1950s, equipment managers began organizing themselves into professional associations. These associations aimed to provide a platform for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and professional development among equipment managers. The associations continue to play a significant role in fostering camaraderie and recognizing the contributions of equipment managers.


Appreciation days and events

As the appreciation for equipment managers grew, various sports teams and organizations started dedicating specific days or events to show gratitude towards these vital team members. Equipment Managers Appreciation Day, marked annually on October 2nd, is one such example of a day set aside to recognize the hard work and dedication of equipment managers.


Continued recognition and celebration

Today, equipment managers continue to be recognized and appreciated for their indispensable contributions to the world of sports. Their role extends beyond managing equipment, often encompassing areas such as athletic training and team logistics. Professional associations, appreciation events, and ongoing acknowledgments help highlight the invaluable work of equipment managers.

Did you know?

Did you know that the term 'equipment manager' first appears in sports lexicon towards the end of the 19th century? That's a long time keeping everyone strapped in and laced up!


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