National Ex Girlfriend Day

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Forget about the chains of love and the bitter taste of a break-up for a moment or two! Let's turn our attention instead to a day that combines nostalgia, appreciation, and perhaps the slightest dash of schadenfreude. Yes, let's talk about National Ex-Girlfriend Day.

When is Ex Girlfriend Day?

It's national ex girlfriend day on the 2nd August.

What's All This About?

On National Ex-Girlfriend Day, people celebrate (or commiserate) with the memory of their former beloveds. The day is not designed to spark rekindlings (unless you're in a Nicholas Sparks novel, of course). Instead, it's about acknowledging the place these individuals held in your past. Because let's face it folks, exes helped shape you into the fabulous person you are today!

When is it Celebrated?

Our records indicate the day has been mentioned first in 2013 and has received 3313 mentions as of yet. Strangely enough, the day does not fall on February 14. Instead, the internet has unanimously and mysteriously agreed on August 2nd, 2020, as the day to celebrate exes. As wacky as the internet is, we don’t ask too many questions!

How Can You Celebrate?

We like to see this day as a time for reflection rather than bitterness. Join us as we toast the ones who made us laugh, cry, and learn a whole bunch about ourselves. Send a polite nod their way via social media, share the funniest memories with your buddies over a cup of coffee, or just contemplate about love and life over a tub of your favorite ice-cream. But remember folks, no stalking your ex!

History behind the term 'Ex Girlfriend'


The Origin of the Term

The term 'ex girlfriend' emerged in the early 17th century. In those times, the word 'ex' meaning 'former' or 'out of' was often used to refer to things that were no longer in a particular state. Here, the term 'ex' was paired with 'girlfriend' to describe a woman who had been in a romantic relationship with someone but was no longer involved with them.


Popularization in Pop Culture

During the late 19th century, the term 'ex girlfriend' gained more traction and became popularized in pop culture. This period marked the rise of romantic novels and stage plays that explored themes of love and relationships. The term 'ex girlfriend' started to be used more commonly in these works, thus further embedding itself in the cultural lexicon.


Mainstream Recognition

In the 1970s, the term 'ex girlfriend' gained widespread recognition and entered mainstream usage. This period coincided with the social and cultural changes of the time, including the women's liberation movement. The increased focus on personal relationships and individual autonomy brought the term 'ex girlfriend' to the forefront of conversations about dating and breakups.


Internet Era Impact

With the advent of the internet in the 1990s, the term 'ex girlfriend' experienced a significant impact. Online forums, chat rooms, and later social media platforms provided spaces for people to discuss their experiences with ex-girlfriends, seek advice, and share stories. This digital landscape contributed to the term's continued prevalence in everyday conversations and solidified its place in modern language.


Ubiquity in Modern Culture

Today, the term 'ex girlfriend' is deeply ingrained in modern culture. It is commonly used in movies, songs, and literature to depict past relationships and the emotional complexities that come with them. Additionally, the growth of online dating and hookup culture has resulted in a greater number of people having ex-girlfriends, further solidifying the term's ubiquity. It has become an integral part of our shared vocabulary when discussing romantic relationships and the intricacies of personal history.

Did you know?

Did you know that the most notable spike of National Ex-Girlfriend Day mentions took place in 2020? Coincidentally, that’s also the year when the word 'quarantine' became universally popular. Hmm, wonder what people were reminiscing about!


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