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Hold on to your stars and stripes, it's National Flag Day! Now, Flag Day isn't known for wild parties or flashy parades, but boy does it have a fascinating history. So, grab a glass of cold lemonade, sit back and let's go on a fun-filled journey through the internet history of National Flag Day.

When is Flag Day?

It's national flag day on the 14th June.

The Buzz of the Flag Day Online

In our digital detective work, we tracked down a whopping 41322 mentions of National Flag Day. Not bad for a day that's often overshadowed by its noisy neighbor, Independence Day. The peak of these patriotic proclamations happened on 14th June 2017. It seems this was a year when the internet decided to particularly embrace its inner patriot and shout 'long live the flag!' from the digital rooftops.

The Stars and Stripes Backstory

The origins of Flag Day take us back far beyond the web. The United States' flag was officially adopted on June 14, 1777, hence why we celebrate every June 14th. But it wasn't until 1916 that President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed it as a national day. The internet, of course, has given Flag Day a newfound platform, turning what was a modest commemoration into a trending topic.

Flag Day and the Internet

On the web, you'll find Flag Day popping up in the most unexpected places. From Facebook posts of flag-themed cookies to patriotic puns trending on Twitter, Flag Day has found its digital voice. And let's not forget about those Instagram posts of adorable pet photos with the flag as a backdrop. Now that's what we call pawsitively patriotic!

Did you know?

Did you know that the current design of the US flag was the result of a high school project? In 1958, Robert G. Heft designed it for a class project and originally received a B- for his efforts. Luckily, his grade was eventually bumped up to an A after his design was chosen out of 1,500 entries.


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