National French Bread Day

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Get ready to say “Ooh la la!” because National French Bread Day is here to celebrate the delightful and oh-so-delicious French staple. This day is dedicated to honoring the crunchy exterior, soft interior, and heavenly aroma of French bread. So grab your beret, pour yourself a glass of wine, and let's dig into the history and mouthwatering goodness of French bread!

When is French Bread Day?

It's national french bread day on the 21st March.

A Brief History of French Bread

French bread, also known as 'baguette,' is a staple of French cuisine and has become a worldwide symbol of France. Its origins can be traced back to the early 19th century when bakers in France started experimenting with longer, thinner loaves that would bake faster than traditional round loaves.

By the mid-19th century, the baguette, meaning 'wand' or 'stick' in French, became the bread of choice for Parisians. Its shape and size were ideal for easy transportation and quick consumption. The baguette soared in popularity, and its reputation as a symbol of French culture and culinary mastery grew.

Today, French bread is enjoyed by people all over the globe, whether it's used as a base for sandwiches or dipped in soups and sauces. Its crusty exterior and soft, chewy interior make every bite a heavenly experience.

Celebrating National French Bread Day

On National French Bread Day, take the opportunity to savor the deliciousness of French bread. Head to your local bakery and pick up a fresh baguette or try your hand at making your own. Cut it into smaller pieces and serve it with a variety of dips, cheeses, and charcuterie for a delightful appetizer.

If you're feeling adventurous, venture beyond the traditional baguette and explore the wide array of French breads. From crusty country loaves to buttery brioche, there's a French bread for every taste bud.

Did You Know?

In France, it is customary to break off the end of the baguette before serving it. Legend has it that during World War I, soldiers would break off the ends to avoid sharing germs. This tradition continued even after the war, and now it's considered a polite way to serve and enjoy baguettes without feeling pressured to eat the entire loaf.

Did you know?

In France, it is customary to break off the end of the baguette before serving it to avoid sharing germs.


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