National French Fries Day

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Bonjour to all the crispy delicacy lovers out there! Ever wondered whether there’s a day dedicated to those sinfully scrumptious French fries we all can’t help but drool over? Well, you’re in luck! Let’s chew on some bite-sized facts about National French Fries Day, a day that's even managed to outshine even Bastille Day once (on July 13th, 2015, to be precise!).

When is French Fries Day?

It's national french fries day on the 13th July.

Feasting on Data of Deliciousness

Dearest bytes of joy, National French Fries Day is indeed real! Our internet crawl has munched on 5,211 mentions of it online. The day got its 'slice of life’ with peak mentions on July 13, 2015 - a day when the humble potato outshined revolution in internet mentions. Yes, that’s right, a tater triumphed over Bastille Day. Vive la Frites!

A History Packed and Fried to Perfection

Though we can’t pin the exact origins of National French Fries Day (like trying to pick up a fry with a toothpick, it’s a bit elusive), we do know the Internet has taken the day under its wing and helped it sprout roots. It’s a day when restaurants, big and small, go peeling mad with deals, and fry frenzies sweep across social media feeds.

Potato-Packed Love and the Frenzy of the Fries

From the golden arches of McDonald's to your local café corner, love for French fries knows no borders. On National French Fries Day, even posts from sports clubs, finance forums, property pages, and romance blogs get 'dipped' in the frenzy. An avalanche of posts share fun ways to celebrate, stirring communal memories, creating awareness about different fry cuts, and sharing 'a-peeling' recipes to try at home.

It's All Gravy!

So, as we feast upon this crispy data, let's not forget what it's all about. National French Fries Day is less about the actual fries and more about the enjoyment we share. Whether it's alongside a ballgame or wrapped up warmly at home, let's celebrate this day by dunking our favorite fried spuds into life's delicious gravy!

History behind the term 'French Fries'

17th Century

Belgium's Role

The term 'French fries' is misleading as the origin of this popular snack can be traced back to Belgium in the late 17th century. During this time, villagers in the Meuse Valley used to fry small fish as a staple part of their diet. However, when the river froze during the winter, they turned to frying strips of potatoes instead, giving birth to the earliest form of French fries.

Late 18th Century

Introduction to France

French fries gained popularity in France after French soldiers returning from the war in the late 18th century tasted these delicious fried potatoes in Belgium. The term 'French fries' is believed to have originated here as a result of the alternate use of the French language for 'frenching', meaning to cut food into thin strips. As the fries spread throughout France, they quickly became a favorite street food.

19th Century

American Adaptation

French fries made their way to America in the early 19th century, especially popularized through Thomas Jefferson, who served them at the White House during his presidency (1801-1809). However, they were initially referred to as 'potato fries' or simply 'fries'. Although the term 'French fries' was adopted later, it is worth noting that the name doesn't actually refer to the origin of the dish.

20th Century

Global Popularity

With the rise of fast food chains in the 20th century, French fries became an integral part of many fast food menus around the world. McDonald's played a significant role in popularizing French fries globally when they introduced them as a side dish in the 1950s. Today, French fries are loved and consumed in various forms by people from different cultures, and they have become a symbol of fast food and comfort food worldwide.

Did you know?

Did you know that French fries aren't actually 'French'? They’re rumoured to have been born in Belgium.


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