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Oh, frozen yogurt, how we love you! You're the sultry supermodel of the dairy world - cooler than ice cream and way more chic than traditional yogurt. No wonder you have a national day dedicated to you. Let's explore the chilly origins of National Frozen Yogurt Day and its rise to Internet fame.

When is Frozen Yogurt Day?

It's national frozen yogurt day on the 6th February.

The Freezing Origins

Now, believe it or not, frozen yogurt wasn't always the treat du jour. Though the idea of blending yogurt and ice is older than your grandma's bifocals, the frozen yogurt we now know and love only slinked into the dessert scene in the 1970s. Companies like TCBY and Pinkberry can take credit for taking our taste buds on this icy ride.

First Came the Internet, Then Came National Frozen Yogurt Day

Internet historians have yet to pinpoint the exact 'byte' when National Frozen Yogurt Day first went viral. Our network of ice cream scoops and internet archaeologists have however pinpointed February 6 as the most celebrated day for this chilly indulgence. In fact, mentions of the day reached their peak on 6th February 2018, reaching an impressive chilly count of 4,817 mentions. Some might say that the day was as trending as a cat video.

But What's All the Fuss About?

From toppings galore to the health benefits, National Frozen Yogurt Day is not just about satisfying your sweet tooth. It's about the joy of customizing your own bowl with sprinkles, fruit, and tiny cookie bits nestled on creamy goodness. Plus, it's a relatively healthy treat in the dessert kingdom, proudly wear the robe of having fewer calories than its creamy cousin, the ice cream. Making a legitimately good reason to pause your diet and dive into some delicious self-indulgence. Just remind yourself, you're doing it for the probiotics.

History behind the term 'Frozen Yogurt'


The Birth of Frozen Yogurt

During the 1970s, frozen yogurt emerged as a popular dessert alternative to traditional ice cream. This healthier option gained prominence due to its low-fat content and tangy flavor. It was initially marketed as an alternative to traditional dairy desserts and quickly became a favorite among health-conscious individuals.


TCBY: The Frozen Yogurt Franchise Boom

In 1981, the country's first frozen yogurt franchise, TCBY (The Country's Best Yogurt), opened its doors. TCBY rapidly expanded its stores across the United States, popularizing frozen yogurt even further. The franchise's success contributed to the widespread adoption and recognition of frozen yogurt as a mainstream dessert option.


The Rise of Tart Frozen Yogurt

During the 1990s, a new trend in frozen yogurt emerged: tart frozen yogurt. This tangier variation gained popularity, as it appealed to those seeking a more refreshing and less sweet flavor profile. Toppings and customization options also became prevalent at frozen yogurt shops, allowing customers to create their own unique dessert experiences.


Greek Yogurt Takes the Stage

In the 2000s, Greek yogurt experienced a surge in popularity, leading to the introduction of Greek frozen yogurt. Greek yogurt's creamy and rich texture, coupled with its health benefits, made it a desirable choice for frozen treats. This innovation broadened the range of frozen yogurt options available to consumers.


Frozen Yogurt: A Staple in the Dessert Scene

Today, frozen yogurt has firmly established itself as a staple in the dessert scene. With a plethora of frozen yogurt chains and independent shops globally, it continues to be a popular and versatile dessert choice, offering a wide range of flavors and toppings. Its appeal stems from its natural tartness, customizable nature, and perceived health benefits, making it a beloved choice for the health-conscious dessert enthusiasts.

Did you know?

Did you know that the first frozen yogurt was named 'Frogurt'? It was introduced in the 1970s!


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