National Furry Day

A group of individuals dressed in colorful animal costumes, representing various anthropomorphized characters, surrounded by Halloween decorations and engaged in lively conversation. One person is wearing a lion costume with rainbow-colored fur, another is sporting rabbit ears and a fox tail, and another is wearing a bear costume with a big smile. They are standing in front of a backdrop that portrays a whimsical forest scene, complete with trees, flowers, and a bright blue sky..
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Fluff up your tails and strap on those oversized glasses, because today we're talking about National Furry Day! It seems, according to our internet data, that the fuzzy love for this day has had several mentions, peaking with a grand total of 34 in 2015. Let's dive, or rather, paw our way into this cryptic and cuddly festivity.

When is Furry Day?

It's national furry day on the 31st October.

Exploring the Fuzzy Fandom

Did you know that National Furry Day isn't confined to a specific date? Our data suggests that there's a concentration of online chatter about the day around October 31. Perhaps that’s because Halloween costumes provide a perfect opportunity to embrace the Furry culture.

For those who might be a little confused, 'Furry' here refers to the enchanting world of anthropomorphized animal characters – think characters like Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny that show human traits, like talking, walking upright, and even having jobs (yes, it’s a wild world out there!).

Fact and Fiction

Our findings suggest the fandom's presence online and offline transcends simple costume play. Furry culture often includes creating fictional fursonas (furry personas, get it?), story-building, and sometimes even digital or traditional art. While not everyone in the fandom has a fursona or wears a costume (known as a fursuit), these are popular ways to engage with the culture.

Furry Day: A Socially Purring Event

Whether it's the costumes or the community, National Furry Day appears to bring people from all walks of fur together. It's a purrfect opportunity to celebrate creativity, surrealism, and of course, the warmth of a fluffy tail.


In conclusion, whether you've got a pair of bunny ears tucked away or you just love a good anthropomorphic cartoon, National Furry Day captures a unique facet of Internet culture. And hey, who wouldn’t want to commemorate something that brings joy and creativity to so many people in the world?

History behind the term 'Furry'


The Birth of Furry Fandom

The term 'furry' was first used in the early 1980s to describe a group of science fiction and fantasy fans who were interested in anthropomorphic animal characters. These fans often created and shared artwork, stories, and role-playing adventures featuring these characters. The term 'furry' emerged as a shorthand way to refer to this subculture.


The Furry Internet Takes Off

As the internet gained popularity, the furry fandom found a new home online. In 1996, the website 'FurNation' was created, becoming one of the first online hubs for furries to connect, share art and stories, and discuss their shared interests. This marked a significant shift in the furry community, allowing members to connect with each other from all around the world.


Introduction of Fursonas

In 2001, the concept of 'fursonas' became more prominent within the furry community. A fursona is a personal anthropomorphic animal character that reflects an individual's personality or interests. Fursonas are often depicted through artwork, fursuits, or in role-playing settings. This concept added a layer of creativity and self-expression to the furry fandom.


Furry Influence in Popular Culture

By 2008, furry influences began to permeate popular culture. Animated movies such as 'Zootopia' showcased anthropomorphic characters, providing a mainstream platform for furry themes and concepts. Additionally, furry conventions gained popularity, attracting thousands of attendees who celebrated their shared love for anthropomorphic animals.


Artistic and Literary Achievements

The 2010s brought forth a surge of artistic and literary achievements within the furry fandom. Many talented artists and writers within the community gained recognition for their work, leading to the publication of furry-focused books and the inclusion of furry art in mainstream galleries. This period further solidified the furry fandom as a vibrant and creative subculture.

Did you know?

The fur in fursuits is typically made from synthetic fibres and the suits can be incredibly detailed, taking months to complete and often reflecting the person's unique fursona.


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31st October 2015

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