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Hello there! If you've ever wondered how you could possibly celebrate your love for both spark-plug-filled machines and less-conventional holidays, you're in luck. National Generator Day has graced our calendars, offering up all kinds of socially-acceptable reasons to shower your generators with appreciation.

When is Generator Day?

It's national generator day on the 18th June.

Shining a Light on National Generator Day

Let’s face it, without generators, those late nights we've spent watching our favorite shows during power outages wouldn't have been possible. But have you ever stopped between sips of your candlelit coffee to think about who, what and why we owe these humming metal marvels?

Well, rejoice, because National Generator Day, recently recorded with a crescendo of 81 online mentions, has been brought to light (pun absolutely intended) to fill this knowledge gap and allow the adoration of generators to surge across the globe.

History of National Generator Day

While the origins of National Generator Day remain shrouded in mystery, the peak mention of this under-the-radar day was detected on 18 Jun, 2017. Were people suddenly sitting in the dark, thanking their generators for soldiering on? Or perhaps, were they simply celebrating the unsung hero of our beloved electrical appliances? One can only surmise.

How to commemorate this electrifying day?

Why, there are countless ways to mark this surprising day. You could start by considering energy conservation methods, or perhaps share innovative uses for generators on social media. Alternatively, for the mechanically-inclined, why not give your generator a well-deserved tune-up? You see, at the core, National Generator Day is about appreciation for the technology that allows us a semblance of normality in times of power blackouts.

History behind the term 'Generator'


Faraday's Discovery

In 1831, English scientist Michael Faraday conducted experiments on electromagnetic induction. Through his experimentation, Faraday discovered that when a magnet is moved near a conductor, it produces an electric current. This groundbreaking discovery laid the foundation for the development of generators.


Siemens Dynamo

In 1866, German inventor Werner von Siemens built the first dynamo, which is considered the precursor to the modern generator. The dynamo consisted of a rotating armature and a magnetic field, which generated electricity when the armature rotated. Siemens' work paved the way for the practical application of generators in various industries.


Brush Dynamo

In 1879, American engineer and inventor Charles Francis Brush developed the Brush Dynamo, a more efficient type of generator. Brush's dynamo utilized several improvements, including enhanced insulation and a commutator, which allowed for a more reliable and steady flow of electricity. His advancements greatly contributed to the widespread adoption of generators in the emerging electrical power industry.


Polyphase System

In 1887, Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla introduced the concept of the polyphase system, which revolutionized generator design. Instead of using a single phase of alternating current (AC), the polyphase system employed multiple phases, increasing efficiency and enabling the transmission of electricity over long distances. Tesla's development laid the groundwork for the modern AC generators that form the basis of our electrical power systems today.


Steam Turbine Generator

In 1891, Charles A. Parsons, a British engineer, invented the steam turbine generator. This revolutionary equipment utilized steam power to rotate a turbine, which, in turn, drove a generator to produce electricity. The steam turbine generator marked a significant leap in power generation efficiency and played a major role in the expansion of electrical infrastructure worldwide.

Did you know?

Did you know that the dynamo, a precursor to the modern day generator, was created by Michael Faraday in the early 1830s? And to think, without Faraday’s breakthrough we might have been left literally in the dark!


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