National Girl Crush Day

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Getting ready to break out that mini confetti cannon you've been saving for a special occasion? Well, now's the time! Because guess what? It's 'National Girl Crush Day'! It's that one awesome day each year where we appreciate the fabulous females we admire the most. What? you haven't heard of it? Well of course you haven't, because it's one of the most esoteric and niche observances you can find on the internet!

When is Girl Crush Day?

It's national girl crush day on the 27th April.

Is This Even a Real Thing?

Oh, you bet your double-chocolate mocha latte it is! Based on our exhaustive internet detective work, we've detected around 45 mentions of this made-up holiday. The greatest number of mentions was on April 27, 2015. But where did this all start? Really, who knows? The internet is a mysterious and magical place, full of Reddit threads and old blog posts that can turn the most mundane hashtag into the next trending sensation.

So, How Do We Celebrate?

No, you don’t have to draw a heart around your favorite girl crush's photo like in the old days. There are plenty of 21st century ways to celebrate this distinctive day. Write a tweet appreciating your girl crush, or post a snap of the two of you on Instagram. If you're more old-fashioned, write a letter expressing your admiration. Who knows, you might even become pen pals.

Girl Crush – More Than Just An Internet Fad

In today’s world where negativity seems omnipresent, National Girl Crush Day stands for something positive. It celebrates admiration and friendship among women, breaking out from the stereotypical 'competitive' narrative. It encourages you to show appreciation for the unique, talented and inspiring women in our lives, even if you just know them from say, Instagram.

So, Who’s Your Girl Crush?

Whether it’s Hollywood's leading lady, an influential TED Talks speaker or your favorite local barista who always seems to get your order just right, take a moment to appreciate them today. Because, hey, who wouldn't want to start a quirky trend that stands for positivity and appreciation!

History behind the term 'Girl Crush'


Emergence of the term 'girl crush'

In 2007, the term 'girl crush' started to gain popularity in youth culture. It refers to an intense admiration or infatuation that a woman has for another woman, without any romantic or sexual desire. This term is commonly used to describe the feeling of wanting to befriend or emulate another woman because of her achievements, personality, or appearance.


Mainstream recognition

Around 2009, the term 'girl crush' began to receive mainstream recognition and entered popular culture. It became a common topic in entertainment media, particularly in celebrity interviews and magazines, where female celebrities openly expressed their girl crushes on other famous women. This created a positive and empowering dialogue surrounding female friendships and admiration.


Inclusion in song lyrics

The term 'girl crush' found its way into the music industry in 2014. The country-pop group Little Big Town released a hit song titled 'Girl Crush,' which sparked both controversy and intrigue. The song used 'girl crush' in a different context, referring to a woman feeling envious and longing for the romantic attention bestowed on another woman. This gave the term further exposure and sparked conversations about its evolving meaning.


Grammy recognition and cultural impact

In 2015, Little Big Town's 'Girl Crush' gained massive popularity, topping the charts and winning multiple awards, including a Grammy for Best Country Duo/Group Performance. The controversy surrounding the song only amplified its impact, as discussions about the lyrics expanded the understanding of 'girl crush' beyond its initial definition. The song became a cultural touchstone, highlighting the complexity of female relationships and challenging societal norms.


Continued usage and empowerment

Today, 'girl crush' remains a widely used term that encompasses various meanings. It can signify admiration, inspiration, or even envy in a non-romantic way. The term has become an empowering tool for women to celebrate and support each other, fostering a sense of sisterhood and encouragement. It encourages open conversations about female friendships, breaking down competitive barriers, and embracing a sense of unity.

Did you know?

Did you know the term ‘girl crush' gained popularity in the mid-2000s and is used to describe a non-sexual, non-romantic admiration a woman has for another woman? Ain’t nothing wrong with a little girl power!


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27th April 2015

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