National Girl Friend Day

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Ever wonder about the ever-expanding universe of 'National Days'? Well, today we're diving into the sweet and adorable world of National Girlfriend Day. With the surprising online presence of 3976 mentions and the peak of its popularity being August 1, 2017, we can surely say this celebration has made some significant waves in the cyber world.

When is Girl Friend Day?

It's national girl friend day on the 1st August.

A Little History

Although the original foundation of National Girlfriend Day is somewhat of an internet mystery, it has certainly struck a chord with online communities. It's a day to celebrate friendship, show appreciation, and enjoy each other's company, and obviously, no, it's not mandatory to have a girlfriend in order to participate!

What's In The Celebrations?

National Girlfriend Day prompts an outpouring of love and affection, both online and offline. It plays out in a thousand different ways – from heartfelt posts on social media to special treats and surprises, proving love truly is a universal language.

Why is it such a big deal?

The sheer number of mentions online gives evidence to just how valued relationships are in our society. The peak mentions on August 1, 2017, also suggest that once the trend caught on, it spread like wild butter on hot toast, showing us the importance of companionship in today's digital age.

Did you know?

Did you know that dumping one's girlfriend on National Girlfriend Day is considered by some to be the ultimate faux pas? Well, you do now!


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31st July 2015

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1st August 2017

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