National Girlfriend Day

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Oh, the joys of having a girlfriend! Well, buckle up because we're about to delve into a day dedicated solely to celebrating that special woman in your life - nope, not your mom. We're talking about National Girlfriend Day, a day that turned the internet world topsy-turvy with over 1.3 million mentions, peaking on the 1st of August, 2020.

When is Girlfriend Day?

It's national girlfriend day on the 1st August.

A Brief History Of National Girlfriend Day

Did you know that National Girlfriend Day is a relatively recent phenomenon? Yes, it was not birthed in the era of 'caveman love' or medieval courtship, but in the digital age! It’s a concoction of the 21st century wrapped in hashtags and smileys.

Our trusty source, the internet, does not clearly pinpoint the creator of this day (no, it wasn’t Cupid), but it started showing up in our social media feeds and calendars sometime around the 2000s. The day, observed on August 1st, originally intended to celebrate girlfriends (romantic or platonic) around the world and their contributions to our lives but it quickly evolved into a celebration of romantic relationships – another chance to serenade your sweetheart.

The Buzz of National Girlfriend Day

It's safe to say that National Girlfriend Day is more a product of the Internet than of a proclamation from a governing body. The online world went berserk with mentions, with a staggering peak on 1st August 2020. Tweets were tweeted, Instagram stories were uploaded, Facebook statuses were updated, all in the spirit of expressing something sweet for our dear girlfriends. From shared selfies to long, heartfelt messages, the day created quite the 'Share-amongst' as we like to call it.

How to Celebrate National Girlfriend Day

Well, there’s no guidebook or instruction manual. It could be as simple as giving your girlfriend an appreciative hug or orchestrating an elaborative surprise. Cherish her, let her know how important she is, and if nothing else, give her control of the television remote for the night. Trust us, small gestures hold cosmic significance.

History behind the term 'Girlfriend'


Introduction of the term 'girlfriend'

The term 'girlfriend' was first recorded in 1688. Originally, it referred to a female friend with whom someone had a close and platonic relationship. In this context, the word 'girl' simply meant a young woman, and 'friend' denoted a companion or confidante. It was commonly used to describe a female peer or a girl of the same age.

19th century

Romantic connotations emerge

During the 19th century, the term 'girlfriend' started to gain romantic connotations. It began to be used to describe a woman's romantic partner or sweetheart. This shift in meaning reflects the evolving social dynamics and changing perceptions of romantic relationships during the Victorian era. 'Girlfriend' became increasingly associated with a committed and affectionate romantic relationship.


Popularity of 'girlfriend' in the Jazz Age

In the 1920s, often referred to as the Jazz Age or the Roaring Twenties, the term 'girlfriend' experienced a surge in popularity. This was largely influenced by the widespread popularity of jazz music, which brought about a cultural shift and a more liberated attitude towards dating and relationships. 'Girlfriend' became a common and widely used term to describe a woman's romantic partner.


Gender-neutral usage of 'girlfriend'

In the 1980s, the term 'girlfriend' began to be used in a more gender-neutral way. It expanded beyond describing exclusively female partners and was increasingly adopted to refer to either a female or a male romantic partner. This shift reflected the growing recognition and acceptance of diverse relationships and emphasized the emotional connection rather than the gender of the individuals involved.

Present day

Usage in modern relationships

In the present day, 'girlfriend' continues to be a commonly used term to describe a person's romantic partner. It is used across various cultures and languages, though nuances may exist in different socio-cultural contexts. The term has evolved over the years, encompassing both traditional and more contemporary notions of relationships. While 'girlfriend' still signifies a romantic partnership, it also acknowledges the friendship, support, and emotional bond shared between two individuals.

Did you know?

Did you know, National Girlfriend Day originated in the 2000s, making it a millennial baby, sharing the same era as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter?


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