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Ladies, gentlemen, and hot dog enthusiasts of all ages, it's time to get excited because we're about to delve into the compelling world of National Glizzy Day - a day that surely carries the mustard of excitement, no bun intended!

When is Glizzy Day?

It's national glizzy day on the 22nd July.

A Doggone Great Day

The festivities of National Glizzy Day really began to sizzle on the grand world-wide-web in 2020. In fact, with a staggering 1792 online mentions, July 22, 2020, was when our beloved hot dog really had its day. But wait, you might be thinking, 'Glizzy? Isn't that just city speak for a hot dog?' And yes, you'd be spot on. Originating in D.C., the term glizzy is now chowed down on by the lingo-hungry youth across America, all thanks to social media platforms such as Twitter and TikTok.

Rolling Out the Red Carpet for the Glizzy

While most suspect that the explosion of Glizzy content on July 22, 2020, was simply because it was hot dog season (peak summer!), others claim there's a more clandestine reason. Whatever the cause, social media users ordered up a feast of memes and playful content, and the internet has been relishing it ever since. We're talking about glizzy-gobbling competitions, glizzy-themed cookouts, and even glizzy-appreciation clubs. The frankfurter truly ruled the day.

A Bun-nanza of Fun

Embracing National Glizzy Day is as easy as a walk in the park. All you need is a heap of hot dogs (or veggie dogs for our vegetarian friends), lashings of your favorite condiments, and an irresistible desire to cherish the humble glizzy in all its glory. Fire up the grill, gather your loved ones, and take a bite out of this hilarious holiday - whether you're a lifelong hot dog lover or new to the world of glizzies, National Glizzy Day is sure to have you coming back for seconds.

History behind the term 'Glizzy'


Origins in Washington, D.C.

In 2008, the term 'glizzy' first gained popularity in Washington, D.C., particularly within the local communities. It originated from the word 'glizzy,' which is a slang term used to describe a hot dog or sausage. The term became widely used within the city's street culture and gradually made its way into the broader popular culture, especially through music and social media.


Rise in Popularity

By 2015, 'glizzy' had started to gain even more attention, reaching beyond the streets of Washington, D.C. The term gained recognition through rap music and social media platforms, where its use became more prevalent. As artists and influencers began incorporating the term into their lyrics and online conversations, it contributed to the term's rising popularity on a national scale.


Internet Sensation

In 2020, 'glizzy' became an internet sensation, thanks to a viral video that originated on TikTok. The video featured a person using a hotdog sausage as a weapon during an altercation, accompanied by the phrase 'they call this a glizzy.' This humorous and unexpected usage caught the attention of millions of viewers, further amplifying the term's recognition and association with hot dogs.


Mainstream Usage

Today, 'glizzy' has transcended its original meaning and become a widely recognized term for a hot dog or sausage. It has integrated into everyday language, especially among younger generations. The term has gained cultural significance beyond just food, often being used to refer to something cool, trendy, or iconic. Whether it is through music, social media, or casual conversations, 'glizzy' has entrenched itself into popular culture.

Did you know?

Did you know that in some parts of the United States, glizzies are also known as 'firecracker dogs' due to their common appearance at July 4th celebrations? Now that's a hot dog fact with some sizzle!


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