National Go Commando Day

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On a delightfully spontaneous day that's all about liberating your lower half and embracing the 'breeze', it's National Go Commando Day! Bringing a chuckle to many, this quirky occasion is all about saying 'sayonara' to undergarments just for a day and adopting an airy style all your own. Don't worry, it's far more fun and breezy than it sounds!

When is Go Commando Day?

It's national go commando day on the 16th September.

A Brief Peek At National Go Commando Day

On a day where people globally dropped their... emm... reservations and embraced the free spirited wave of unclad bottoms, National Go Commando Day came into existence. Our data shows that the most popular mentions of this chucklesome day online were on September 16, 2016. It's safe to assume that was a particularly breezy day!

Why Go Commando?

This audacious day isn’t about embarrassing your grandmother with astonishingly brazen outfit choices, oh no! Its core message is to promote body confidence, embracing our own individuality, and simply having a bit of light-hearted fun. Indeed, going commando is said to give individuals an unseen boost in confidence, but we wouldn't recommend turning it into a daily activity unless that’s your way of strutting your stuff!

Enjoy It With a Pint of Discretion!

Remember, even though it's National Go Commando Day, no one needs to know you’re participating unless you want them to! This day is very much PG rated, so the focus is about private liberation rather than public displays of outlandishness. Just remember- feel the breeze, enjoy the day, and above all else, maintain your dignity!

So, Where Do We Go From Here?

Well, before any of us decide to boldly go where few have gone before, remember that this is just one of thousands of humorous national days that add a dash of hilarity and peculiarity to our lives, brightening up even the most mundane days. So, enjoy National Go Commando Day in good jest, bask in that feeling of liberation, and when it’s done, pop your favorite pair of undies back on, and keep smiling! If anything, it's a great conversation starter... just perhaps not with your boss!

History behind the term 'Go Commando'


The birth of the commando

In the 1970s, the term 'go commando' emerged as a slang phrase. Back then, 'commando' referred to soldiers who operated without wearing underwear while on military missions. The idea behind going commando was to increase comfort and freedom of movement, especially in hot and humid climates. This practice quickly sparked interest and curiosity among the general public.


The spread of the term in popular culture

During the 1980s, the term 'go commando' started appearing more frequently in popular culture, becoming a catchphrase associated with freedom and rebellion. It began to be used not just in the context of going without underwear, but also as a metaphor for taking risks or stepping outside of societal norms. This usage broadened the term's meaning and made it more accessible beyond its military origins.


Mainstream recognition and media references

In the 1990s, 'go commando' gained even more recognition in the mainstream. It became a popular topic for discussion in various forms of media, including magazines, movies, and television shows. The risqué nature of the phrase combined with its rebellious connotations made it a source of intrigue and humor. As a result, 'go commando' became firmly ingrained in popular culture during this decade.


Global proliferation through the internet

The advent of the internet in the 2000s played a significant role in the widespread popularity of the term 'go commando.' Through online forums, blogs, and social media platforms, people from all over the world began sharing stories and discussing the practice of not wearing underwear. This global interconnectedness further solidified 'go commando' as a recognizable phrase that transcends geographical boundaries.

Present Day

Continued usage and popular culture references

In the present day, 'go commando' remains a well-known expression with its place firmly established in popular culture. It has become a common phrase employed in conversations, jokes, and even marketing campaigns. The term's journey from a military practice to a cultural phenomenon showcases how language and ideas evolve and adapt over time, acquiring new meanings and resonating with different generations.

Did you know?

Did you know that the term 'going commando' is thought to have originated from commando soldiers who would sometimes go without underwear to prevent chafing? Well, and maintain their stealth mode!


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16th September 2016

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16th September 2016

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