National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

Cheese lovers unite! Show a close-up of a perfectly toasted grilled cheese sandwich, with melted cheese oozing out. Add a hint of vintage diner vibes and a checkered tablecloth for extra charm..
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Welcome, all 'grilled-cheese-for-the-win' believers and melted-cheese marvelers! Let’s get our bread buttered and pans heated for the tale of National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day. The day is as golden and crisp as its iconic subject, with chatter seen scurry across the internet whenever the big day comes around.

When is Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day?

It's national grilled cheese sandwich day on the 12th April.

A Cheesy Tale Whisked Through The Web

Not to 'melt' your expectation but pop some facts into your sky-rocketing anticipatory skillet. Our history dates back to 4743 online mentions of National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day, with the day itself being celebrated not just locally, but globally. Out of these delicious discussions, the most mentions were showered upon this crispy delight on April 12, 2015. A lot of bread has been buttered since then, each year making this day more delightfully cheesy than the last!

Grilled, Melted And Eternity

Grilled cheese sandwiches have been stealing hearts since their inception. Coupling them with a bowl of tomato soup, turning a drab day into a comfort fest, isn't merely a meal, it's an emotion wrapped in bread and melted cheese. The National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day celebrates this enduring love affair with the king of all comfort foods. Each year, posts, blogs, heartfelt love letters in behalf of cheese sandwiches, take up space on everyone's feed and seating on dinner tables.

How To Celebrate The National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

It’s buttered proof that the best among us know that every day should be Grilled Cheese Day. Fling wide your pantry doors and let the melting begin. Create your version of the beloved sandwich, be it with brie, cheddar or gouda, tucked between rye, sourdough or plain old white bread, or topped with everything from bacon to apples. Post your gooey goodness on social media, spread the word and, of course, the cheese!

History behind the term 'Grilled Cheese Sandwich'


The Invention of Sliced Bread

In 1910, Otto Frederick Rohwedder invented the first machine that could slice bread. This invention revolutionized the way bread was packaged and sold. Sliced bread became popular quickly, as it was convenient and saved time for consumers.


The Advent of Cheese Inside the Sandwich

In the 1920s, creative cooks started experimenting by adding cheese to their grilled sandwiches. The combination of melted cheese and toasted bread appealed to many people, making it a popular choice for a quick and delicious meal.

Picture framing materials effect the name


During the 1930s, grilled cheese sandwiches gained even more popularity. However, the name 'grilled cheese' wasn't widely used until picture framing materials came onto the scene.

Picture framing materials effect the name.


In 1949, the phrase 'grilled cheese sandwich' started gaining prominence in recipe books and menus. Picture framing materials at the time often had a grilled cheese finish, which referred to the toasted and melted appearance. In the same way, the sandwich resembled the appearance of frames with a toasted cheese exterior and a warm, gooey interior. Hence, the name 'grilled cheese sandwich' emerged and stuck.


National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month

In the 1980s, grilled cheese sandwiches gained recognition beyond just being a popular meal. April became the National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month, celebrating this beloved comfort food and giving it the recognition it deserved.

Did you know?

Did you know that recipe mentions of making cheese and bread combinations can be traced back to Ancient Roman cookbooks? Yep, even Julius Caesar could have been a fan!


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12th April 2015

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