National Guard Deployments One Day

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Calling all patriots! Let's march through the world of National Guard Deployments Day which left its bootprint across the internet with 5771 mentions. The heaviest traffic-footfall stomped in on May 20th 2020. So, let's delve in, find your best salute, and let's march!

When is Guard Deployments One Day?

It's national guard deployments one day on the 20th May.

A Day of Dedication

Once upon a time, in the not-so-distant past of 2020, the internet declared an unofficial national day to honor National Guard deployments. As we peered through the fog of history, we found an unmissable day that; with over 5,000 mentions online, we knew had special significance. This day, dear reader, was none other than National Guard Deployments Day.

May 20th 2020: The Day of the Deployed

May 20th 2020 popped as it mapped the highest point of recognition for National Guard Deployments Day. The online world, usually a mad carnival of memes, news, and cat videos, took a pause to honor the brave. From the screen-lit offices of corporates to the snack-crammed caves of home offices, Americans filled the digital realm to express their appreciation and admiration for the National Guard.

Why was This Day Different?

May 20th, 2020 marked the peak of this respect-infused day. But why this day in particular? Well, the hands of speculation are in full swing. It may have been an instinctual reaction to the challenges flung by a certain global problem (cough, COVID, cough) or just a collective pang of gratitude. Either way, the trumpet of admiration was heard loud and clear across our connected globe.

But, Wait There’s More!

One can't dance around National Guard Deployments Day without at least acknowledging the elephant in the room - the actual deployments. Yes, beyond the memes and mentions, beyond the likes and shares, 2020 was - let’s face it - a pretty hot year for deployments. This, friends, further fuels our salute to these extraordinary men and women.

Did you know?

A fun deployment fact: Despite their crucial roles, the National Guard title didn't come into existence until 1824 when New York officially adopted the name.


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