National Gumbo Day

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Who doesn't love a hearty bowl of gumbo? This iconic Louisiana dish has won hearts (and taste buds) all over the world, and National Gumbo Day exists to honor its soul-warming goodness! Giving just the right excuse to fill up your bowl with steaming hot spicy gumbo and savor it with loved ones. It might not be funny when your mouth gets fired up by cayenne, but hey, that's what the cold beverages are for, right? Cool down and read on to journey through the piping hot history of National Gumbo Day.

When is Gumbo Day?

It's national gumbo day on the 12th October.

Pass the Gumbo, Please!

You'll be relieved to know the internet's collective obsession with gumbo is no fluke. Going by our data, National Gumbo Day lit up the internet with 2616 mentions, reaching its zenith on the 12th of October in 2016. Somebody must have cooked up something really special that day!

A Taste of History

Gumbo is a medley of cultural influences, much like America itself. Originating from Louisiana, it reflects the rich history of the region, impressing upon the palette a culinary treasure trove of Native American, Spanish, French, and African flavors. National Gumbo Day provides an opportunity to honor this rich, cultural soup and share it with friends and family.

Getting into The Gumbo Groove

To truly celebrate National Gumbo Day, you could try making gumbo at home. There are countless recipes available online catering to a variety of tastes—from seafood gumbo to chicken and sausage gumbo, to vegan alternatives—there's a gumbo for everyone. If cooking isn't your thing, never fear! Hook up with a local restaurant, or find a food festival (there are many) dedicated to gumbo.

Round Up

Ultimately, National Gumbo Day is about fun, food and remembering the many cultures that make up the melting pot not just of Louisiana, but of the United States as a whole. So grab your spoon and dig in!

Did you know?

Did you know 'Gumbo' got its name from 'kingombo', the word for okra in central Bantu dialect? How's that for an interesting tidbit to chant around the dinner table!


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