National Hashbrown Day

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Our spuddy little friends, the humble hashbrowns, get their moment in the sun on National Hashbrown Day! So, mark your calendar and ready your skillet for the crispy, golden, potato-packed breakfast of champions.

When is Hashbrown Day?

It's national hashbrown day on the 8th March.

A Brief History of National Hashbrown Day

While other breakfast dishes hog the spotlight, National Hashbrown Day, which went somewhat under the internet radar with just 5 mentions online, is slow-cooking its way to fame. By our records, this day reached its peak popularity on March 8, 2021. A tad cryptic, yes, but aren't the best things in life often layered like a well-cooked hashbrown? Curiously enough, the history of National Hashbrown Day remains largely unknown, much like the exact origins of hashbrowns themselves.

The Charm of Hashbrowns

These golden, crunchy morsels of potato delight have literally broken the internet (or at least, our website) with their charm. Loved by people worldwide, they're proof that potatoes + heat + a good griddle equals magic. With recipes dating back to the 19th century, hashbrowns quickly carved out a niche for themselves in breakfast lore, bridging the gap between the plate and the palate.

Celebrating National Hashbrown Day

So, you might ask, how does one celebrate National Hashbrown Day? Start with a hearty breakfast and give those under-appreciated potatoes the attention they deserve. Cook them to a crispy, golden perfection and take a moment to appreciate the simple, unadulterated joy they bring.

Spreading the Word

Once you've satiated your immediate hashbrown cravings, it's time to look outwards. The world needs to know of this day. So, spread the love, the butter, and the hashbrowns, of course. Clearcut evidence that potatoes rule - one national day at a time.

History behind the term 'Hashbrown'


The discovery of hashbrowns

In the year 1888, the delicious breakfast dish known as hashbrowns made its first appearance. It is said to have been created by a chef at a restaurant in New York City. The chef was experimenting with different ways to cook potatoes and came up with the idea of grating them and frying them until they were crispy. The result was a dish that was both tasty and satisfying, and it quickly gained popularity among diners.


The term 'hashbrowns' is coined

By the year 1895, the term 'hashbrowns' had been coined to describe this new culinary creation. The word 'hash' refers to the process of chopping or dicing food into small pieces and frying it, while 'browns' refers to the crispy, golden-brown color that the potatoes turn when cooked. The term quickly caught on among both chefs and diners, and it became the standard name for this popular breakfast dish.

20th century

Hashbrowns go mainstream

As the 20th century progressed, hashbrowns grew in popularity and became a staple on breakfast menus across the United States. They were particularly beloved in diners and roadside cafes, where they were often served alongside eggs, bacon, and toast. The dish's irresistible combination of crispy, fried potatoes and comforting flavors made it a hit with people of all ages.

Present day

Hashbrowns around the world

Today, hashbrowns are enjoyed not only in the United States but also around the world. Different countries have their own variations of this classic dish, with some adding additional ingredients like onions or cheese. In some places, hashbrowns are even served as a side dish for lunch or dinner. Whether you prefer them as a breakfast treat or as part of a larger meal, hashbrowns continue to be a beloved comfort food that brings joy to people's taste buds.

Did you know?

Did you know? The term 'hashbrown' comes from the French word 'hacher' which means to chop, perfectly describing the shredded nature of this well-loved dish.


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