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On a chilly December evening, nestled amidst the blur of a million other national days, you discover an intriguing one, National Have a Hug Day. Billed as the day to dish out some hearty hugs and radiate positivity, this day has garnered 10531 online mentions, peaking in popularity on the 10th of June, 2017. But fear not, this holiday is as wholesome and fun as they come!

When is Have Sex Day?

It's national have sex day on the 10th June.

When you think about it, 'National Have a Hug Day' is actually pretty straightforward. It's a day to give and receive hugs - pure, simple, unadulterated hug bliss. The best part is, it has nothing to do with romance or relationships. It's just a nice, cozy day set aside for dishing out hugs, spreading warmth and positivity.

History of National Have a Hug Day

While the origins of the 'National Have a Hug Day' might be a bit fuzzy, that doesn't make it any less embraced (see what we did there?). Celebrations popped up around the world with evidence of 10531 mentions online. The peak of its popularity was recorded on 10th June 2017, where a virtual avalanche of articles, blog posts, guide pages and shout-outs appeared, all dedicated to this heartwarming day.

How to Celebrate

First and foremost, on 'National Have a Hug Day,' you hug! You can hug your spouse, your parents, your siblings, your friends, and even your pets. But remember, the most important rule of 'National Have a Hug Day' is to respect boundaries. Hugs must always be welcome and never forced. The day is meant to make people feel loved and comforted, not uncomfortable or violated.

Spreading the Love

To really celebrate, why not spread the word about 'National Have a Hug Day'? Share it on social media, or even better, give someone a surprise hug (make sure you're already on hugging terms!). Make someone's day brighter by giving them the warmest, most uplifting hug ever.

History behind the term 'Have Sex'


The birth of 'have sex'

The term 'have sex' originated in 1828 as a euphemism for engaging in sexual intercourse. The phrase 'have sex' emerged as a polite way to discuss sexual activity without using explicit or vulgar language. It allowed people to speak about intimate matters in a more socially acceptable manner.


First appearance in print

The phrase 'have sex' appeared in written form for the first time in 1887. It was used in a medical textbook called 'Sexual Function in Man and Woman' by Havelock Ellis. This publication played a significant role in helping to popularize the term and bring it into public consciousness.


Becoming a widely used expression

By the late 1920s, 'have sex' had become a commonly used expression in everyday language. It was used across various social settings and had entered the mainstream as a discreet way of referring to engaging in sexual activity. The term's broad acceptance demonstrated a shift in societal attitudes towards discussing sexuality more openly.


Evolution during the sexual revolution

During the sexual revolution of the 1960s, the phrase 'have sex' took on new significance. It was embraced as a symbol of sexual liberation and an expression of personal freedom. The term became associated with the changing attitudes towards sexuality and reflected the progressive mindset of the time.

21st century

Continued usage and evolution

In the 21st century, 'have sex' continues to be a widely understood and utilized term. Its longevity and continued usage demonstrate its staying power and effectiveness as a euphemism for sexual activity. As the cultural landscape evolves, so too does the interpretation and understanding of the phrase, reflecting the ever-changing attitudes towards sex and relationships.

Did you know?

Did you know that a 20-second hug can help reduce stress, improve mood, and even lower blood pressure? So, by celebrating 'National Have a Hug Day,' you're not only spreading love, but also contributing to a healthier, happier society!


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10th June 2017

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