National Heat Awareness Day

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Stop in your tracks, grab a popsicle and listen up! National Heat Awareness Day is hurtling towards us on the heat wave of history, and we're here to cast some light (and shade, of course) on its scorching story.

When is Heat Awareness Day?

It's national heat awareness day on the 25th May.

Turning Up the Heat

Let's get things hot and heavy here (all whiffs of impropriety meant in the weatherly way, of course). National Heat Awareness Day, with an impressive online history of 2373 mentions, is often accredited as the internet's favorite day for ditching the suit and tie in favor of Bermuda shorts and flip flops!

The Hotspot: May 25, 2018

Who needs a time machine when you can simply rewind your internet history? Rewind to May 25, 2018, which we'd affectionately like to call 'the sizzle day'. Cyber chatter reached fever pitch, melting servers with its 'heat' related puns and sun safety tips. This specific day was like a Christmas BBQ for the internet, with activity around National Heat Awareness Day juicy enough to make a well-grilled steak jealous.

The History Behind the Heat

An initiative by the National Weather Service, this day came to life as a stern reminder that no, inflicting sunburn on oneself for the sake of a 'healthy' tan, is not a worthwhile endeavor. The heat is not just a reason to switch from coffee to iced tea, but a harsh reality that can put the unprepared in hot water.

Keeping it Cool

Moving forward, let's remember that while the sun seems like a great excuse to explode a dozen water balloons, it is also our responsibility to be aware and to keep our loved ones safe from the blazing effects of the sun. So put on your wide-brimmed hat, and lead the parade for National Heat Awareness Day!

History behind the term 'Heat Awareness'


Emergence of the Term

In the year 1922, the term 'heat awareness' first emerged as a phrase to describe the growing concern and recognition of the dangers associated with extreme heat. This term began to be used more commonly as people started to acknowledge the impact of high temperatures on human health and well-being. It marked the beginning of a heightened awareness about the potential risks and the need for preventive measures.


Scientific Research and Discoveries

By the year 1965, significant scientific research had been conducted on the effects of heat on the human body. This research led to the discovery of various heat-related illnesses such as heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and heat cramps. The term 'heat awareness' gained further traction as scientists and medical professionals emphasized the importance of recognizing and understanding these conditions to effectively address and prevent heat-related health issues.


National Heat Awareness Campaign

In 1988, a major milestone was reached in the promotion of heat awareness with the launch of the first national heat awareness campaign. Governments, health organizations, and community groups joined forces to raise public awareness about the risks of excessive heat and the importance of staying cool and hydrated. This campaign aimed to educate the public about the potential dangers while also providing practical tips to mitigate heat-related risks, especially during the summer months.


Deadly Heatwave in Europe

The year 2003 witnessed one of the most devastating heatwaves in modern history, known as the European Heatwave. With record-breaking temperatures across Europe, this heatwave claimed the lives of thousands of people, particularly affecting vulnerable populations such as the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions. This tragic event further intensified global discussions and efforts around heat awareness, prompting governments and organizations to implement more comprehensive strategies for heat mitigation and public education.


Expansion to Environmental Awareness

In 2010, 'heat awareness' expanded its scope beyond human health and started encompassing the broader context of environmental awareness. As concerns over climate change and rising global temperatures grew, the term 'heat awareness' began to symbolize the urgent need for sustainable practices, adaptation strategies, and mitigation efforts to combat the escalating heat-related risks. It became a catalyst for promoting conversations about the environmental impact of heat and the drive towards creating more heat-resilient communities.

Did you know?

Did you know that according to NOAA, heat is the number one weather-related killer in the United States? Who knew being cool was so important?


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