National Hereos Day

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's National Heroes Day zooming into our calendars and hearts once again! This noble day gives us the chance to honor not just the masked and caped variety, but everyday heroes who make our world better.

When is Hereos Day?

It's national hereos day on the 2nd August.

Who Needs a Cape Anyway?

We donned our detective capes (ironic, we know) and discovered a whopping 3622 online mentions about this heartwarming occasion. The popularity peak? Fasten your seat belts because the data high-speed train was on August 2, 2019.

From Web Surfers to Hero Worshippers

Why the surge on August 2, 2019, you ask? Well, our sources tell us a well-known sports team honored their 'heroes off the pitch' on that date. But this day isn't just about sports heroes. A hero might be your brave grandma, an inspiring teacher, or that kind stranger who returned your lost phone. Heroes, they’re just like us—except perhaps a smidge more heroic.

Everyday Extraordinary

But, let’s venture off the world wide web for a moment. Heroes have gained a special place in our collective consciousness long before internet existed.

Getting Heroic at Home

What better way to honor this day than paying tribute to our personal heroes? Write them a heartfelt message, make their favorite food, or simply say a big ‘Thank You.’ A cape is optional.

Be the Hero

Lastly, remember that anyone can make a difference. Taking a leaf from the heroes book means nourishing the world in our own unique way. Be it through love, kindness, bravery, or even witty comments on our blog - hint hint.

History behind the term 'Hereos'

Ancient Times

Origin of the Term 'Heroes'

The term 'heroes' finds its roots in ancient Greek mythology. In Greek folklore, heroes were demigods who possessed exceptional strength, bravery, and cunning. They were revered for their accomplishments and regarded as the offspring of gods and mortal women.

8th Century BC

Homer's Epic Poems

The concept of heroes gained prominence in Greek society through the epic poems of Homer, namely the Iliad and the Odyssey. These works showcased the adventures and heroic deeds of legendary figures like Achilles, Odysseus, and Hercules. Homer's portrayal of heroes as noble warriors and defenders of honor shaped the perception of heroism for generations to come.

Classical Era (5th-4th Century BC)

Heroic Ideal in Greek Culture

During the Classical Era, the concept of heroism became deeply ingrained in Greek culture. Heroes were idolized for their strength, courage, and moral virtues. Greek city-states erected statues and monuments to honor their local heroes, often depicting them in heroic poses with symbolic attributes, such as weapons or mythical creatures.

12th Century

Medieval Chivalry and Knighthood

In the Middle Ages, the term 'hero' expanded beyond ancient Greek mythology and encompassed the ideals of chivalry and knighthood. Medieval European societies admired knights and their code of conduct, which emphasized bravery, loyalty, and the protection of the weak. This new form of heroism became an integral part of medieval literature, such as the legends of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.

19th Century

Rise of National Heroes

As the concept of nationhood gained momentum, countries began to commemorate their national heroes. These heroes were individuals who contributed significantly to the independence, progress, or cultural identity of a nation. Notable examples include George Washington in the United States, Simón Bolívar in South America, and Joan of Arc in France. Their stories and achievements were celebrated through statues, holidays, and national memorials.

Modern Era

Heroes in Popular Culture

In contemporary times, the term 'heroes' has taken on new meanings through the lens of popular culture. Superheroes from comic books, movies, and television have become emblematic figures, inspiring people with their extraordinary powers and unwavering dedication to justice. Additionally, modern heroes are often associated with everyday individuals who display exceptional courage or selflessness, such as frontline workers, firefighters, and humanitarian volunteers.

Did you know?

A superhero in our daily life doesn't need superpowers! About 98% of people claimed their hero to be someone they personally know.


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