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Get your capes ready folks, because we're soaring into the superhuman realm of National Heroes Day! This is an unmissable date across the internet, where we remember our extraordinary real-life heroes and, of course, those comic book champions who've helped us escape reality from time to time. So, join us as we dive into the deep data lake and look at the who, what, where, when and whys of the internet's favorite heroic festivities!

When is Heroes Day?

It's national heroes day on the 27th August.

Webbed Wonders and Real-Life Rescuers

Have you ever wondered why there's a sudden upshot of superhero hashtags and hero-praising posts swooping across your feed near the end of August? Well, my dear internet travellers, that, in the shadowy world of Wifi and screen glow, is National Heroes Day. A day where internet surfers globally pay homage to their heroes, both fictional and real.

Where Did It All Begin?

We don’t know the exact origin of this day but we do know it's beloved by many. Whether you're celebrating by rereading your favorite Batman comic or thanking your grandma for her world-class cookies, every heroic deed is cherished on this day.

What Our Data Dragnet Uncovered

Our digital deep-dive shows some fascinating patterns. We unraveled a whopping 46614 online mentions of National Heroes Day, which peaked in popularity on August 27, 2018. From viral videos to heartfelt thanks to first responders, this day set the internet on fire with emotions.

Internet's Favorite Champions

Now here comes the juicy part. While our data doesn't reveal who the internet's favorite hero is (because they’re all pretty awesome), a quick scroll shows a wealth of tributes to our uniformed heroes, fictional superheroes and even to those personal heroes we all hold dear. No matter who your hero is, be it Captain America or your fitness instructor, this is the day to show them some web love!

History behind the term 'Heroes'

2800 BCE

Ancient Heroes

The concept of heroes dates back to ancient times, as seen in ancient Greek and Mesopotamian cultures. In Mesopotamia, heroes like Gilgamesh and Enkidu were revered for their legendary feats. The Greeks also had their own heroes, such as Heracles (Hercules) and Achilles, known for their extraordinary abilities and courage.

8th Century BCE

Epic Poetry

The heroic tradition continued to evolve through the creation of epic poems. In the 8th century BCE, the Greek poet Homer wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey. These epic poems immortalized the deeds of heroes and shaped the understanding of heroism in ancient Greek society. The Iliad showcased the Trojan War heroes, while the Odyssey focused on the adventures of Odysseus.

12th Century CE

Chivalric Heroes

During the Middle Ages, a new type of hero emerged in Western Europe: the knight. In the era of chivalry, knights were admired for their brave and honorable actions. The code of chivalry emphasized virtues like courage, loyalty, and courtesy. Legendary knights, such as King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table, became symbols of heroism and inspired tales of valor.

19th Century

National Heroes

As nations began to form, the concept of heroes became closely tied to patriotism. National heroes emerged, celebrated for their contributions to their respective countries. In the United States, figures like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are honored as national heroes. Similar figures can be found in many countries, whose actions shaped the course of history and helped define national identities.

20th Century


The 20th century brought about a unique form of heroism in popular culture: superheroes. With the rise of comic books and later, superhero movies, characters like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman captivated audiences worldwide. These fictional heroes possessed extraordinary powers and fought for justice, often becoming symbols of hope and inspiration for real-world challenges.

Did you know?

The term 'superhero' officially entered the English dictionary in 1917, but the concept of heroes has existed for millennia across different cultures. One of the earliest recorded superheroes was the ancient Egyptian deity Horus, who was often depicted as a falcon-headed man.


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