National Horse Day

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Canter with us as we gallop through cyberspace to bring you the story of National Horse Day. Harness your excitement, because this is not just a one-horse show: we're talking about an entire trending holiday where we pay tribute to our four-legged 'neigh'-bors. So, without further 'mare-do, let's 'saddle up' for the journey!

When is Horse Day?

It's national horse day on the 14th December.

History of National Horse Day

National Horse Day began its wild ride through the internet on December 14, 2016, racing ahead with an impressive 2870 mentions. From then on, it has defied the odds and jockeyed for position to become a day of national glee, keeping horse enthusiasts glued to their screens. Not only is it an opportunity to celebrate these whisker-chinned wonders, but it also raises awareness about their roles in society and their needs.

Journey to Fame

Our data analysis shows that National Horse Day sparked the most interest on its foundation day. It has since maintained a steady trot, with people 'foaling' around and sharing horse-related content across the cyberspace. There has been no 'reining in' the popularity of this day, as horse lovers continue to gallop ahead with their celebrations year after year.

The Day Itself

How do people celebrate National Horse Day online? By sharing photographs of beloved horses, by posting heartwarming stories of equine companions, by raising awareness about horse-related causes, and let's not forget – by making some of the most creative horse puns you'd ever find online. We are talking about a 'stable' online community that unites under one 'mane' theme: love for horses.

Making the Most of the Day

You don’t need to own a horse to join the celebration: simply saddle up your social media accounts and join the internet stampede! Share a memory, advocate for a cause, or simply express your 'unbridled' love for our equine friends. Who knows? You might make some 'stable' friendships along the way!

Did you know?

Fun fact for the day - Did you know that horse hoof prints have inspired the 'U' shape of horseshoe magnets because of their steel-like strength and unique shape?


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14th December 2016

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