National Hot Dog Day

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Bon appetite, fellow hot dog enthusiasts! It's time to suitably celebrate America's favorite handheld feast - the hot dog. We're unwrapping the delicious mystery of National Hot Dog Day, a day brimming with buns, frankfurters, and all manners of tasty toppings.

When is Hot Dog Day?

It's national hot dog day on the 23rd July.

A Sizzling History

Once just a humble sausage, the hot dog has become something of an American icon. But have you ever stopped mid-bite to ponder, 'Who came up with the brilliant idea to create a special day for this culinary delight?' Well, hang tight, for we're plunging deep into the ketchup (or mustard, we don't judge) covered history of National Hot Dog Day.

How it All Started

Our frankfurter-filled story begins with the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council in the US. It was they who decided to give hot dogs their day of glory. The date isn't arbitrary. National Hot Dog Day typically falls on the third Wednesday of July, purposely placed in the middle of National Hot Dog Month. Yes, you read that correctly - there is an entire month dedicated to hot dogs.

The Day That Broke The Internet

Although the internet is always moderately aflame with hot dog aficionados, our data reveals that this gentle flame turned into an absolute fry-fest on July 23, 2015. On that particular day, there were an astounding 61,716 mentions of National Hot Dog Day online. Why, you ask? Perhaps it was a particularly good year for mustard. Alas, the exact reason remains shrouded in delicious mystery.

An Ode to the Hot Dog

If the internet hype is any indication, it's no surprise that National Hot Dog Day is a beloved holiday. After all, the hot dog, with its versatile ability to carry a smorgasbord of toppings and fit nicely into a portable bun, is the superhero of fast food. So, rise up, fellow wiener warriors, and celebrate National Hot Dog Day with relish!

Did you know?

Did you know that the world's longest hot dog created was 668 feet long? Now that's a whole lot of hot dog!


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