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Come, aficionados of spice, you wielders of Scoville units! Put on your oven gloves because it's time to talk about a day that really brings the heat – National Hot Sauce Day. Celebrated by extravagantly brave taste buds worldwide, it's a day that brings the sizzle to your tongue and tickles your flavor-filled fancy!

When is Hot Sauce Day?

It's national hot sauce day on the 22nd January.

Laying on the Sauce: The Origins.

With 3242 mentions detected online, National Hot Sauce Day peaked in popularity on 22nd January 2016. Like the secret ingredients in your favorite hot sauce, the precise origins are somewhat veiled in spicy mystery. However, it's safe to say it rose from the fires of the internet, when an exuberant flock of spicy sauce enthusiasts decided to honor this fiery condiment.

Heated Cultures: An International Affair.

Hot Sauce is an international all-star. It turns BBQs in Texas into a hoedown of heat, adds extra kick to Korean Kimchi, and transforms simple tortillas into tantalizing tacos in Mexico. National Hot Sauce Day is truly a global tribute to our shared love for the zing!

Recipes of Rapture: The Heat Hacks.

Want to celebrate National Hot Sauce Day right? Start with morning omelets, tossed in Sriracha, or give a dash of habanero to your lunchtime sandwich. You can even challenge your friends to a hot wing eating contest in the evening. Just remember, it’s not the crying that counts, it’s how you sizzle!

Join in The Heatwave

Jump aboard the combustion wagon, it's time to taste the world one fiery bottle at a time. Make National Hot Sauce Day your culinary journey into the deliciously warm unknown. Remember, chilies not only bring the heat, they also come with a nice dose of Vitamin C!

History behind the term 'Hot Sauce'


Early Origins

Hot sauce can trace its origins back to 1807 when a recipe for 'cayenne pepper sauce' appeared in a cookbook called 'The Virginia Housewife' by Mary Randolph. This early sauce consisted of cayenne pepper, salt, vinegar, and a small amount of sugar.


Tabasco Sauce Invention

The famous Tabasco sauce, known for its fiery flavor, was invented in 1849 by Edmund McIlhenny. He used a pepper variety called 'Tabasco' from Mexico to create the sauce, which became highly popular due to its unique taste.


First Commercial Hot Sauce

In 1868, William Gebhardt, an entrepreneur, began mass-producing hot sauce labeled as 'Mexican Chili Powder.' This was the first commercial hot sauce available in the United States, showcasing the growing popularity of spicy condiments.


Frank's RedHot Sauce

Frank's RedHot Sauce, a household name today, was created by Jacob Frank in 1896. However, it wasn't until 1964 that the famous slogan 'I put that (expletive) on everything' brought the sauce immense popularity and made it synonymous with hot sauce.


Hot Sauce Boom

The 1980s witnessed a hot sauce boom that continues to this day. With the rise of international cuisine and increased interest in spicy flavors, hot sauces from different cultures gained widespread recognition. This era saw the introduction of popular brands such as Sriracha and Cholula.


Diverse Hot Sauce Market

Today, hot sauce has become a staple condiment in households worldwide, with countless varieties and flavors available. From habanero to ghost pepper, hot sauces cater to a wide range of taste preferences and heat levels. Its cultural impact extends to festivals, competitions, and even museums dedicated to this beloved spicy delight.

Did you know?

Did you know that the heat in chilies, which makes hot sauce so tongue-tingling delightful, comes from a compound called Capsaicin? And it’s so spicy it can even be used in pain relief creams!


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