National Hug Your Cat Day

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Get ready to feel the purr-fect love, as we delve into the whisker-filled world of National Hug Your Cat Day! For all those who say Internet is for cats, this is the day that validates your statement, elevating your feline friends to the heights of cuddly fame they rightly deserve.

When is Hug Your Cat Day?

It's national hug your cat day on the 4th June.

A Day Paws-itively Devoted to Your Cat

On National Hug Your Cat Day, which has been leaving paw prints on the Internet one post at a time, feline lovers wrap their arms around their purring pals in a wholesome display of endearment. This day saw its highest spike in mentions on June 4th, 2015, when a staggering 14,593 mentions catapulted it into the limelight.

But how did this day come about? Well, the Internet loves two things dearly: holidays and cats. So, it was only a matter of time before the two were combined to create this fur-tastic day!

Hug Your Cat Day: A Meow-tain of Love

The holiday is exactly as it sounds, a day devoted to hugging your cat. It’s a day where cat owners and lovers alike set aside time to show some extra affection to their feline companions. Snuggle up on the sofa, share a cozy moment on your favorite chair; anywhere is a good spot for a cat-hug!

But let's not forget about our less social kitty pals. If your cat isn't as hug-friendly, perhaps spend quality time playing with them, or even just a gentle ear scratch might suffice. Remember, it's all about making your cat feel special.

A Tale of Cat Hugs around the Internet

National Hug Your Cat Day has struck a chord with the ever-increasing online cat fandom, resulting in an Internet-wide celebration. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram to YouTube, posts, photos, and videos of cats being hugged flooded the world wide web, peaking on June 4th, 2015.

A survey of popular hashtags reveals a fun mixture of #HugYourCatDay, #CatLover, #PurrfectDay, and of course, #CatsOfInstagram. So next time this day rolls around, don’t forget to join in the fun and spread the love with a hug for your kitty and a post for the world!

History behind the term 'Hug Your Cat'


The Birth of 'Hug Your Cat'

In 1970, the term 'Hug Your Cat' was coined as a catchy and endearing phrase to promote the act of showing affection towards feline companions. Cats have long been cherished pets, and this phrase aimed to encourage cat owners to express their love and bond through physical embraces.


Spread of 'Hug Your Cat' through Media

Throughout the 1980s, the concept of 'Hug Your Cat' gained significant visibility through various media platforms. Television shows, magazines, and books featured heartwarming stories and imagery of people hugging their cats, reinforcing the idea that such affectionate gestures can enhance the human-cat relationship and bring joy to both parties involved.


'Hug Your Cat' Goes Viral

With the rise of the internet in the late 1990s, 'Hug Your Cat' took on a life of its own. Memes, humorous videos, and heartwarming photos flooded online platforms, captivating cat lovers worldwide. The phrase became a trending topic, inspiring even more people to embrace their beloved feline friends.


Creating National 'Hug Your Cat' Day

In 2010, the idea of establishing a designated day to celebrate the joy of hugging cats gained momentum. Pet enthusiasts and advocates campaigned for the creation of National 'Hug Your Cat' Day, a day dedicated to expressing affection towards cats and raising awareness about their well-being. This day serves as a reminder of the warmth and love that can be found in the bond between humans and their furry companions.


Continued Popularity and Cultural Impact

Today, 'Hug Your Cat' remains an enduring and popular phrase that resonates with cat lovers worldwide. It has become a symbol of the strong emotional connection between humans and their feline companions. National 'Hug Your Cat' Day is celebrated on an annual basis, fostering appreciation for the unique and cherished relationship between cats and their owners.

Did you know?

It's fun to know that the collective noun for a group of kittens is called a 'kindle'! So next time you are surrounded by a mob of cuddly kittens, remember, you're in the midst of a warm and fuzzy 'kindle'!


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