National Ice Cream Cone Day

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We all scream for Ice Cream Cone Day! Ever wondered why your ice cream parlour suddenly gets busier around 22nd September? Or why your social media feed is flooded with divine images of waffle cones and scoops of all imaginable flavors? Well, you're not alone. We can ice-cream-cone-fidently tell you, that's because it's National Ice Cream Cone Day!

When is Ice Cream Cone Day?

It's national ice cream cone day on the 22nd September.

The Cold and Sweet History

Ice Cream Cone Day sits scoop atop the calendar on September 22nd, each year. According to our data, it was most celebrated in 2015, with nearly 7,000 mentions online! Yes, Ice Cream Cone Day is that cool. But really, why wouldn't it be? This beloved dessert has a history almost as rich and satisfying as its taste.

Who Invented the Ice Cream Cone?

Like all delightful treats, the origin of the ice cream cone is disputed. However, credit is often split between Italy and France. What we do know, is that the first ice cream cone was commercially manufactured by Italo Marchiony in New York City, back in 1903. Hand him a scoop for that!

I Scream, You Scream...

We all scream for ice cream! And come National Ice Cream Cone Day, every year, we cheer the loudest. It’s a day to let go of calorie counting, indulge your sweet tooth and maybe try an avant-garde flavor. Pistachio-matcha, anyone?

How to Join In

You can join in the festivities by enjoying an ice cream cone from your favorite parlor, or even by experimenting with DIY ice cream at home. You can make it extra special by adding a fun topping or sauce. Share your creation or experience on social media, and remember to spread the chill vibes by using the hashtag #NationalIceCreamConeDay.

History behind the term 'Ice Cream Cone'


The Waffle Cone Invention

In 1896, during the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis, Missouri, an ice cream vendor named Ernest A. Hamwi showcased a unique creation. When neighboring ice cream vendor Arnold Fornachou ran out of dishes, Hamwi came up with the idea of rolling up one of his thin, waffle-like pastries to create a makeshift cone. Fornachou used Hamwi's creation to serve his ice cream, and the waffle cone was born.


First Patent for Cone Mold

In 1903, Italo Marchiony, an Italian immigrant living in New York City, received a patent for a mold to make ice cream cones. Marchiony's invention allowed for the mass production of cone-shaped shells made from a mixture of flour, sugar, water, and eggs. This marked a significant development in the ice cream cone's history, enabling its widespread popularity.


Cones Go Mainstream

By 1912, the ice cream cone had become a popular treat across the United States. Not only were they sold at ice cream parlors, but street vendors also started offering cones as a convenient way to enjoy the frozen delight. The cone's easy-to-hold shape and edible container made it a hit, appealing to people of all ages.


Automatic Cone Production

In 1928, Frederick Bruckman, another ice cream cone innovator, developed an automatic cone manufacturing machine. This invention revolutionized the cone production process, significantly increasing efficiency and output. With the ability to produce cones in large quantities, ice cream parlors and vendors were able to meet the growing demand for this delightful treat.


Pointed Cone Shape Popularized

By the late 1950s, a new cone shape gained popularity—the pointed, sugar cone. Introduced by The Joy Cone Company, this style became a preferred choice for many ice cream lovers. Its narrow, pointed end allowed for easier consumption of the ice cream, preventing it from melting too quickly. Today, the sugar cone is one of the most common cone types.

Did you know?

Did you know that the world's largest ice cream cone was over 9 feet tall and was made in Italy? Now, that's an ice cream cone to scream about!


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