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Is there a day where you just want to pull the blinds, switch off your phone, and be left fully, utterly, completely alone? Welcome to National Ignore Me Day. It's alright to need some alone time, and if there's a day created just for that, it's even better, right? Now, let's dig into the specifics of this obscure yet distinctively appealing day.

When is Ignore Me Day?

It's national ignore me day on the 1st October.

History of National Ignore Me Day?

Interestingly, the National Ignore Me Day, despite its name, was rather hard to ignore since 8074 mentions were detected online. It attracted significant attention on October 1, 2015, going from relative obscurity to quite the chatter online. Whether the surge in mentions were from people vowing to ignore others, warning that they themselves intended to ignore, or begging not to be ignored - we can't say. But we can tell you that this day has found a place in the digital landscape.

Why National Ignore Me Day?

Let's face it, we all need a break. A break from responsibilities, expectations, even from loved ones - just a time to let ourselves breathe and be. What happens if you could package this much-needed respite into a day to celebrate solitude without judgement? You'd get National Ignore Me Day! This is not a day for solitude and reflection but about playful isolation, painting a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on your forehead and setting enjoyed activities, food, maybe even sports aside.

How to Observe National Ignore Me Day

The best part of National Ignore Me Day? No strings attached, no set activities to perform or items to tick off a list. Simply inform your friends, family, and any myna birds who have learned to mimic your name that you are off the grid for the day. But remember to tell them not to take it personally. It's one day you are allowed to ignore texts and emails guilt-free. This is your day to be a social hermit, celebrate it in all its quiet glory!

History behind the term 'Ignore Me'


Birth of the term 'ignore me'

The term 'ignore me' was first coined in 1953 during a conversation between friends. One of the friends felt left out of the conversation and jokingly said, 'Oh, just ignore me!' Little did they know that this phrase would go on to become a commonly used expression.


Spread within close-knit circles

During the 1960s, 'ignore me' started spreading within close-knit circles of friends and became a humorous way to acknowledge feeling excluded or overlooked. It gained popularity as an informal way to draw attention to oneself while making light of the situation.


Emergence in popular culture

The term 'ignore me' started to make its way into popular culture in the mid-1970s. It appeared in sitcoms and comedy sketches, further increasing its recognition among the general public. This cultural exposure solidified its position as a widely understood phrase.


Internet and online communities

With the rise of the internet and online communities in the 1990s, 'ignore me' found a new medium for expression. It became a popular phrase in chat rooms, forums, and social media platforms, where people could use it to humorously acknowledge their presence while not wanting to interrupt or attract excessive attention.


Incorporation into everyday language

Today, the term 'ignore me' has become well-established in everyday language. It is used both online and offline as a lighthearted way to express feeling unnoticed or to jokingly draw attention to oneself. Its cultural impact can be seen in various forms of media, including memes and viral videos.

Did you know?

Contrary to popular belief, some studies have suggested that solitude, when chosen, can be beneficial for mental health and creativity.


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1st October 2015

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