National Ignore Tyler Day

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Well, it's National Ignore Tyler Day, folks! Yes, it might sound a tad bizarre. Maybe it's an unusual prank or perhaps a way to draw attention to the fact that we don't give Tyler enough attention...or too much? Only Tyler knows for certain.

When is Ignore Tyler Day?

It's national ignore tyler day on the 19th August.

What On Earth Is National Ignore Tyler Day?

Even though the origins of National Ignore Tyler Day can be as mysterious as Tyler himself, it clearly indicates one thing: the incredible creativity of internet users. Detected 9 times online, it saw its peak in mentions on August 19, 2019 - a day that shall live in Tyler-ignoring infamy.

The Real Essence

Now, every Tyler in the world might wonder, 'Why should anyone ignore me?' Well, it's likely not about ignoring, per se. Instead, this day may simply serve as a humorous reminder to not take ourselves too seriously. Remember, Tylers, it's okay to step out of the spotlight sometimes.

Celebration Ideas

So how can we celebrate this unique day? We can put amusing 'Ignore Tyler' posters on our walls, wear 'Ignoring Tyler' badges, or simply share a chuckle. Remember, the key here is in the spirit of fun and camaraderie, not genuine exclusion. And Tyler, if you're out there reading this, we still love you...but today, we're just going to pretend we don't.

History behind the term 'Ignore Tyler'


The Birth of Tyler

In 2009, Tyler, a fictional character, was created. Tyler represented a person who often shared irrelevant or unwanted information. This marked the beginning of the term 'ignore Tyler,' as people started using it to signify the act of disregarding or paying no attention to someone or something.


Popularity in Online Communities

By 2012, 'ignore Tyler' gained traction in various online communities, particularly forums and social media platforms. It became a common phrase to express the need to disregard or eliminate irrelevant comments, spam, or trolls. The term became a humorous way to cope with unwanted interactions online.


Expansion Beyond Online

Around 2015, 'ignore Tyler' began to extend beyond the internet realm. People started using it in everyday conversations and situations to encourage disregarding unnecessary distractions, unhelpful advice, or negative influences. It became a popular catchphrase to emphasize the importance of focusing on what truly matters.


Inclusion in Pop Culture

As the term gained widespread usage, 'ignore Tyler' made its way into pop culture references. It appeared in movies, TV shows, and even in music lyrics. This further solidified its position as a phrase representing the act of intentionally dismissing unwanted distractions or unproductive influences.


A Practical Reminder

Today, 'ignore Tyler' continues to be a relevant phrase in various contexts. It serves as a reminder to prioritize valuable information, focus on meaningful interactions, and avoid wasting time on unnecessary distractions. The term 'ignore Tyler' has become not only a humorous anecdote but also a practical approach to filter out irrelevant noise and maintain mental clarity.

Did you know?

Interestingly, Tyler ranks as the 123rd most popular name in the United States which means there might be quite a few people 'ignored' on National Ignore Tyler Day!


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4th May 2016

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19th August 2019

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